Nose to the Grindstone

What that means is I’m back at work writing a book which happens to be my “real” job. But believe me, it’s anything but a “grindstone.”

After doing it for more than forty years, I still love it. Most of the time. When a book is working and coming together, it’s wonderful. When it’s not working, it can be hell.

But right now it’s working. Usually when I toss and turn thinking while writing a book it’s because nothing is happening. Last night I was awake because characters were talking to me and letting me know what I was getting right and what I was getting wrong.

So what characters am I talking about? Ali Reynolds, Cami Lee, and Frigg of course. They all had comments and suggestions about the parts of the book that I’ve written so far—where they thought I might have missed the mark and where I could do better.

Does this literary baby have a name? It certainly does. Ali Reynolds #18 is now called Over Kill. It’s due to be published in early 2025, but the manuscript is due in New York by March 1 of 2024. I trust I’ll make that deadline.

In the meantime, since the sun is out at the moment (unusual in the Seattle area in November!) I’m heading out to get my steps.

Then it’ll be time to come in and hit Chapter 5, one word at a time.

By the inch it’s a cinch.

PS: While I was out getting my steps, it was such a glorious fall day that I took a moment to take a photo of the Japanese maples in our backyard. Enjoy.