A Long and Winding Road

This is a week when I need to buckle down on the book, I was dreading trying to figure out what I’d write for the blog post.  The answer to that question came, as it so often does, in this morning’s batch of email.

Months ago I was contacted by Jenny Wheeler, a podcaster from New Zealand, who wanted to do an interview with me to be posted on a podcast segment aimed at Binge Readers.  So yes, it seems I do have readers in faraway New Zealand, and I also know that some of those readers are most likely of the binge reading variety—the ones who grab hold of a series and read every single book in order, one after another.  For years people have told me that reading my books is like eating Fritos because you can’t read just one.  And thank goodness that’s true!

Eventually the interview appointment showed up on my schedule, and Jenny and I recorded it.  After that, as so often happens, nothing happened—nothing at all—until today when I heard from Jenny again letting me know that the interview is now live.

Posted on line is an audio recording with a play button at the top of the page as well as a written transcript.  Take your pick.  I guess reading the written version could be referred to as either a virtual interview once removed or else as a socially distanced interview. Here’s the link:   https://bit.ly/3v3iC6e.

If you happen to be someone who has come to one or more of my live events, you may have heard some of the stories before—or not.  And the time I would have spent writing the blog today was already expended when I did the interview.  I believe that qualifies as a win/win.

So here’s today’s second-hand blog, coming to you the long way around via New Zealand.

See there?  It really is a small, small world.

Please pardon the ear worm.