No Apology Needed

Last night, while watching a taped edition of America’s Funniest Videos, the announcer was discussing things for which you are not required to apologize.  “If you write a blog,” he said, “and if you haven’t posted for a while, you don’t need to apologize for that because NOBODY CARES!”

And maybe that’s true, but I’m apologizing anyway, in advance.

It’s Wednesday afternoon, 4:30 PM.  I’m still in my nightgown and robe.  I’ve been working steadily since seven o’clock this morning.  At last count, I was 89.39% done with Field of Bones.  It’s supposed to be 100% done by the time we leave on our cruise on Sunday morning.  The story that has eluded me for so long is finally coming together.  I’m well and truly on the banana peel, but I’m also running out of time.  I need to pack.  I need to have a manicure.  I need to breathe.

And so the two hours today that I would have spent writing a blog post have been devoted instead to Joanna Brady’s Cochise County Sheriff’s Department.  The newest member of the team—Mojo, the pit bull K-9 replacing a now retired Spike—has just gone on his first mission, proved his mettle, and gotten a treat.

Sorry to say, that’s it for today.  Maybe next week, when we’re cruising along off the coast of Italy, I’ll be able to reach into my bag of tricks and write a cheery posting about something fun.  In the meantime, this is all I’ve got.

Except for one final comment about last week’s wisteria whine:  It popped this week, and it’s gorgeous.

27 thoughts on “No Apology Needed

  1. I am so excited you are wormi g on a new Joana Brady book. I so relate to her character. Bon Voyage!

  2. Don’t worry about us. We know you are doing many exciting things and will tell us about them when you can.
    I assume Bill will be taking the red neck tie on this cruise. Bon voyage!

  3. You deserve a break! Enjoy your cruise. I am looking forward to your new book and your next book tour.

  4. Exciting! your new book, Mojo (love his name by the way!), and your upcoming cruise…have a wonderful time!

  5. Perfect…you left us with a wonderful ‘word picture’ and left us to our own imagination…Good Job!

  6. I am SO excited to hear that you are writing a new Joanna Brady book! I love Ali Reynolds, but Joanna will always be my favorite. Have a lovely vacation.

  7. How exciting. A new Joanna Brady book. My husband and I grew up in Bisbee and I get excited when exactly where everything happens. By the way I also loved your book signing in San Diego. You and you husband are both wonderful. Have a safe and fun trip.

  8. You never need to feel you ‘owe’ us a blog! We love them, but love your books more and also the fact that after you write them you’re able to take a cruise or other vacation to unwind. The cruise sounds wonderful and I hope you and Bill have a great time!

  9. Some blogs matter! Yours are more like an update, chat, etc. Have a great time on the cruise!

    Mojo is name of my granddaughter’s rescue dog. Loves their two year old.

    Love Joanna, Bisbee, etc. and look forward to another in the series.

    Bon Voyage.

  10. ooooo, a new Brady book, something to look forward to indeed!!! Have a lovely time on your cruise.


  11. It’s almost true. No apology true. Nobody cares is not true. We care, and we love hearing any tidbit you choose to share.
    So glad you are going cruising! After your extensive book tour, it so well earned. Enjoy every single minute, and relax every single day! Wishing you a wonderful journey.

  12. It’s almost true. No apology true. Nobody cares is not true. We care, and we love hearing any tidbit you choose to share. After your extensive book tour, it so well earned. Enjoy every single minute, and relax every single day! Wishing you a wonderful journey.

  13. Enjoy your cruise!! If you haven’t done the cruise along the Italian coast before, you will really enjoy it. Enjoy the ports. We still explore even though we have been there before. We are so looking forward to another Joanna Brady book and will have to go back to Bisbee to see the places mentioned in the book. Bon Voyage. Relax. Enjoy.

  14. I can’t wait for your new Joanna Brady book! I also feel no apology is ever necessary from you but I do care about reading your blog. I look forward to it every Friday.
    Prayers for a wonderful, relaxing cruise. I just returned from Italy the end of March, having accompanied my niece for medical treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Italy is far more advanced than the US for treatment. While some sight seeing was accomplished, we would have enjoyed more, but her treatment was our main focus. It is a beautiful country. We found a lot of people to be rude even though we had an interpreter but the medical and hospital staff were top notch and great. Enjoy the time away with Bill and enjoy.
    Bon Voyage!

  15. I love it that you’re so frank with us, but I would imagine had you dressed, you might have felt like going out and not working on finishing the book. Get it done, get packed and keep counting those steps.

  16. So happy to hear you are finishing a new Joanna Brady book. Yeah, can’t wait til it’s out! Love your books! Please write more soon!

    • P.s.
      I wish more authors would return to the Blog genre and leave the Facebook with the videos they download from other sites! I don’t want to do Facebook and there is no way one can reply or get to know the other readers. You have a following on this Blog and if you have to miss one so be it! However , whoever said no one cars, is incorrect! I love hearing about your latest work in progress but still I understand!!!!!

  17. Enjoy the cruise. I’ve only been on only one and found it to be the most relaxing time. There’s nothing quite like sitting by a window on an upper deck with a cup of coffee watching the world go by.

  18. Have a great trip. We will await your next words of wisdom and practice our patience at the same time:)

  19. Have a great trip. Gary has been sharing some stories of paper routes and early we know where that work ethic comes from. I have shared your books with a dear friend who suffers through chemo while enjoying JoAnna Bradys antics. I’m obviously looking for ward to reading about MoJo

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