Time to Go Back to Work

It’s fall in Seattle. The curtains that shaded the back verandah during the summer have been taken down and are stored for the winter. The cushions on the pool furniture have been taken inside. Rather than sitting outside to work, I’m next to a burning gas-log fireplace in the family room with both coffee and computer in hand.

Having spent most of September and a good part of October dealing with book tour events, I’m trying to get my head back into a writing groove. In case you’re wondering if I can write books and be on tour at the same time, the answer is a resounding no! I can’t. The two activities require the expenditure of creative energy, and there’s not enough of that to stretch both ways.

I’ve done the galley proofs for Moving Target, the Ali Reynolds book that goes on sale February 11. Yesterday I had a call from the publicist in charge of that tour because she’s ready to start planning it. The song that comes to mind on that score is “Please, Mr. Custer. I don’t want to go.”

The daughters are busily organizing the Christmas holidays. I’m not ready for that, either, because first and foremost I need to buckle down and finish writing a book.

So that’s the watchword for day. No more blogging. Time to go to work!