Man Overboard, Ali Reynolds #12

I’m in the midst of writing the next Beaumont book, Proof of Life, but for now I need to step away from that because … guess what? … book tour season for Ali Reynolds #12, Man Overboard, is coming at me like a freight train.  This time the tour is staying pretty close to my homes—in Arizona and in Washington state.  If you go to my website,, you can click on the schedule links to see where and when I’ll be appearing.

One of the side stories in Man Overboard has to do with a race horse rescue organization—a fictional one.  But that aspect of the story came about by my becoming aware of a real racehorse rescue organization—Equine Encore operating near Three Points, Arizona.  When you read the dedication to the book, you’ll know in advance that the Smoocher in question is my grandson’s “foster horse.”

Colt with Smoocher and Grease Spot

Mostly Books, in Tucson has agreed to do a mail order book signing to benefit Equine Encore.  This link will tell you more about the fundraiser: If you order autographed books through them by following this link, part of the purchase price will benefit the rescue where they are currently caring for 78 horses.

This is the usual call out for autographed bookmarks.  Send business sized SASEs to me at P.O. Box 766, Bellevue, WA 98009-0766.  Be advised: Bookmarks are at one end of the road.  The author and her red pen are at the OTHER end of the road.  It will take time for all three of those items to be in the same place at the same time.  In other words, the bookmarks will be done eventually, but not immediately.  Please be patient!

That being said, I’m going back to work.  Proof of Life has to be DONE before the book tour starts, so I’d better get busy.

See you on the road.


5 thoughts on “Man Overboard, Ali Reynolds #12

  1. What a lucky little boy. I assume the horses have their own home and he goes to visit. I love their names. Am ready for a new Beau book. Keep those fingers flying.

  2. It was a special pleasure to see ‘J A Jance’ at number nine on the books list! Too bad it wasn’t Number One!

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