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Walker 04 Queen of the NightFor those of you who haven’t yet tried of my Walker Family books or for those who tried one and thought I’d get over that set of characters, here’s an idea.  Now through July 6th, Harper is offering a $1.99 e-book special on Queen of the Night.  If you haven’t read the Walkers, this is a way to get up to speed and be ready for the Walker/Beaumont combo, Dance of the Bones, coming in September.  Yes, I know the Walker books are darker than some of my others, but remember that’s what makes art—the contrast between light and dark.  In books it’s the contrast between good and evil.  You’ll find plenty of both in Queen of the Night.

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5 thoughts on “Queen of the Night – eBook Sale

  1. Waited a long time to get into the Walker series (I’ve read all the JP, Joanna and Ali books) but when I did I got all four. Looking forward to the combo. Ralph Ames alluded to the Walker series in LONG TIME GONE.

  2. Looking forward to revisiting the Walker family. This title is also currently available in e-book format on Amazon for $1.99.

  3. I laughed at your comment, “52 words to go.” When my son was in 3rd grade he was asked to write something at least 25 words long. The teacher showed me his paper. He had stopped at word number 25 right in the middle of a sentence. Will you stop at exactly 52 words? Just wondering. PS. I’ve read the Walker books and did enjoy them too.

  4. Congrats on getting back to the Walkers. I have read them all, in fact I’ve read all your books save for silly ali
    Which in my humble opinion, ah dam I’d better not. I’m in an usually good mood this morning, so I won’t spoil it by giving you my humble opinion.
    Your humble reader
    Grouchy old fart

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