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  1. Dear favourite author!

    OK, now I see I probably typed my comment in the wrong place a minute ago… In the message frame for your newsletter!
    So here we go again, good thing I copied my text before sending it off in the wrong place:

    I felt so sorry for you reading your latest blog entry. Next time your editor feels the need for letting you know you have to replace two spaces with one through-out the text, why doesn’t she just write ONE bubble, suggesting you search your entire document for ” ” and replace it with ” “? That is what I do and what I teach all my students to do if they have some repetitive error or change they want to make in a document. If they have spelled president without the capital P in an entire article, they just search for president and replace with President, and I know it also works for double spaces, I have done it.

    That way, you don’t have to put up with a million purple bubbles telling you the same thing, the editor doesn’t have to write all those bubbles, and most importantly; you don’t have to tip-toe through the document making the same correction a million times.
    If your Mac will tolerate to search a document the size of an entire book is another question, but it wouldn’t hurt to try – before doing any other major work on it that you might lose in a crash.

    Then again – could be you already knew this and it cannot be done – I am not a Mac user, only a lowly pc-working teacher in Norway.
    But I still felt very sorry for you reading your blog!
    I am looking forward to the new JP – very much! So no I will go back to Amazon to complete my order there 🙂
    Good luck with Joanna 16, I am looking so much forward to that one, too! (That must be very bad English…)
    Love, your biggest fan in Norway,

    • Good for you for speaking out.
      People admire you and they listen.
      Bless your famuly.

  2. I met you (VERY briefly) today at your book signing in Sierra Vista. I’m the one teaching Art at Lowell Middle School and Greenway Elementary. Great to know that a “home town girl” made good! The copy of Second Watch that you signed will be going into the Lowell Middle School library. Thanks so much!

  3. Loved your blog last week. I watch Elizabeth Hasselback every weekday, and I love her. Now I know that her husband must by just s nice. It also gave me an entirely different picture of Charlie Sheen.

    I cannot tell you how much your books mean to me. I have read each one of them as they have been published, but three years ago when my husband passed I started rereading them when I felt blue and was feeling sorry for myself. They took my mind off myself and helped me through some very bad periods. I love your strong female characters, including Mel. They give me inspiration to cope.

    I hd a wonderful friend that lived in Ballard-she had a Third floor quilting studio studio with windows on four sides and views that went on forever,so when Beau and Mel look out their window, I envy them. I also feel a connection to Joanne Brady, because we had winter place in Mesa and many places were familiar. I also have a son who graduated from U of A and stayed in az and lives in Scottsdale.

    • Your downsizing adventures give me a lift! I am currently working on purging years of documents, memorabilia, junk and inherited treasures accumulated mostly over the last 13 years of caregivng for ailing parents, two personal bouts with cancer and permanent lymphatic system damage from said cancer treatments.

      It is tough, but the freedom gained from clearing the visual and physical space is like sunlight after a storm!

  4. Oh, I am sorry. I sent you my comment about the firefighters coming to check on me in the “sigh up for news letter” area. I really, really don’t want to type it over so I hope you read it anyway.

    I am the woman in Casa Grande, AZ who was trying so hard to get another Golden Retriever. I got a rescue one “Bailey”. He and his brother were found running around the local CK store -the local place where people drop off unwanted pets. He was skin and bones. He certainly isn’t now and is a love. His one bad habit was jumping out of or over what was supposed to contain him. He doesn’t do that any more, thank God. He and the cat are the best of friends. I do love Goldens.
    Again I apologize for writing in the wrong place.

  5. For the reprint of your next edition of Moving Target a correction on page 81 in third paragraph should read “Leanne” instead of “Ali”. I am really enjoying reading the books and can hardly lay it down to do my chores. Looking forward to some Brady and Beaumont stories too. Keep them coming.

  6. Having met and conversed with you on three occasions, we too join the list of people who have benefited from the experience. Your books have sustained us through the years, and always look forward to the next one. Thank you.

    The desert dwellers,

    Frank & Natalie Hagberg

  7. Hi J.A.
    I finally got to your blog, haven’t read anything yet, but I will. Who has your latest eBooks for sale? I hope not Amazon. They are a pain in the butt. I prefer Kobo or Smashwords, much easier to buy and download.
    Where do you get all the energy to to write, go to book signings, public appearances and what ever else you do?
    I just read your schedule and have to take a nap.

    Cheers……………….Will Jupp

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your evening with the people in Salem last night. It was such a thrill to see you in person. I have enjoyed so many of your books and am currently reading Second Watch on my Kindle.

  9. Happy to hear that you are still out there bringing pleasure to your fans J.A.

  10. Ms. Jance, you’ve done it again. I bought Remains of Innocence as a birthday present to myself when you were at the Puyallup Library on July 31st. I finished the book by the evening of Saturday Aug 2. When Denny was patting Joanna’s cheeks and telling her not to cry at Junior’s funeral, I was sitting in my recliner, crying. The book was emotional on so many levels. Thank you.

    Today I finished reading Second Watch and I couldn’t help but be amused by some of the coincidences between the book and myself. I was on vacation this week and went camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park, which is 19 miles NW of Leavenworth. In the book, murder victim Monica Wellington is from Leavenworth. I’d just driven through there 2 days ago.

    Of course the ending made me cry. I turned 9 the day before Doug Davis was killed in Vietnam. The only person I personally knew who’d been to Vietnam was a cousin and he shot himself in the foot to get out of there (he was always a little “off”). I never heard the taunts of “baby killers” toward the veterans because my dad was career Air Force and we were always around military facilities and families. I was always proud of my dad and his service. I remember when some of the POW’s came home from Vietnam. My mom and I had gone to the commissary at McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma. We saw all the people and news crews at the base terminal and decided to stop and see what was happening. When we did we had to stay and watch those men get off the plane.
    Thank you for remembering our veterans. Some of us may not have seen combat (I was a Marine stationed in Hawaii!) but we still stood our posts and watches in all hours and conditions. My oldest brother was a Coastie on a sea-going tug, another brother was on a submarine and my twin was in the National Guard.

    Thank you Ms. Jance for your wonderful stories.

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  12. Although I have enjoyed ALL of your books, Remains of Innocence is certainly in the top 5 for me. Second Watch is also in that group.
    Thanks again for the books and especially for your book tours shich I can attend.
    Keep up the great work!

    Lynn Baker

  13. Hi, I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoy your books. I began with the Joanna Brady series and I’m well into the J.P. Beaumont now. I’ve loved reading since I could hold a book in my little hands. Today, 52 years later there is nothing better than holding a book and losing myself. I’ve been taking care of my mom for the last 3 years and she too loved to read. She lost her eyesight last year and that’s when I found you. My mom told me of your books and I went on a search. Since that time my mom will lay on the chase lounge in my library, where I read to her every day, some days for hours with your books. We both are very grateful to have this time together and we both very much share our love of your written books of heartfelt words.

    Thank you ever much, Cindy and Louise

  14. I have read almost all of your books at least the one’s that my local library carries. I just wanted to let you know in one of them you mentioned a restaurant named the alligator soul. My son worked there till the day the owners came in an closed it. I am hoping that the library get’s more of your work. Thank you.

  15. Ms Jance,

    Recently a couple I know asked if I would help them with your eBook novella, “A Last Goodbye.” They have neither computer nor eBook reader, but are (were?) fans of yours and have bought many of your printed books.

    I downloaded the novella and loaned them my reader.

    When they were finished, they told me they felt betrayed. They said the first half of your “novella” was an excerpt from an earlier book which they owned, and the second half was about you and your love of dogs.

    They were not happy. It was not about the $.99, but about wasting their time (and mine), and about flying under a false flag.

    I told them I would let you know their sentiments.

    In these times, trust is difficult to build. You may have destroyed their trust in you.

    William Jeffrey

    • Please tell your friends that a novella is exactly that–a piece of fiction that is longer than a short story and shorter than a novel–about 20%, but who’s counting. All the information about A Last Goodbye, Ring in the Dead, and Stand Down indicates that they are exactly what they purport to be–NOVELLAS!! As does the ninety-nine cent price tag. In other words there was and is “no false flag!”

      Novellas are designed to promote upcoming books, which, as it happens, they had read BEFORE they read the novella. So it was not an excerpt of a previous book. At the time the novella was published, the excerpt included was from an upcoming book rather than an earlier one.

      As for my love of dogs? I stand guilty as charged!

      I try to give my readers real stories in the novellas, including the upcoming Joanna/Ali meet-up, No Honor Among Thieves. If long time readers are prepared to stop being fans because they don’t care for novellas, then I’m sorry to lose them. And for folks without access to either an e-book reader or a computer, they are very lucky to have you as a caring friend.

      • Ms Jance,
        I apologize for the mixup about the novella.
        I also apologize for my “false flag” comment.
        Be well,
        William Jeffrey

  16. I had to move into an assisted living home after having a stroke. I had no family in Overgaard Az. My son is a firefighter in Snoqualmie,Wa
    He says it is much easier to care for me in Renton than it is 1,000 miles away. I had to agree

  17. What was so bad about having to move is i had to get rid of my 2 dogs. luckily they both found good homes. I do have a black bob tail cat named Daisy Mae living with me. She is a lot of company but is no Golden Retriever. I do so miss having a Golden.

  18. just finished Dance of the Bones and really enjoyed the continuation , it brings back memories of H B Wright’s “Long Ago Told”

  19. In order to be added to my database, please send your name, city and state to me at the following e-mail address: I can’t collect the necessary information from the comments list.

  20. Hi!
    First I want to tell you I have read every one of your books and love all of them! I look forward to every new book! My husband and I travel to AZ 2x a year…last year I missed getting to see you in Casa Grande by hours :(…..
    We hope to move to AZ in about 5 years to retire…actually to Casa Grande area. Please know I have learned so much about AZ because of you…I always save one of your books so I can read them when I am in the state ….makes it more fun reading!! Kiss of the Bee’s got me started and I have learned so much about Indian culture. Then I had to start reading EVERYTHING you wrote!! LOL! is my thought…..I know you have your regular characters in your books Joanna,Beu,Ali Brandon walker….and you will add some regulars to inner mingle or even cross over (which I love BTW)…..
    but this was just and idea I had as I was reading DOWNFALL.
    I hope I am not being rude by asking….
    Would you consider writing and making a new book on your FBI agent Robin Watkins who moved to Tucson? I really liked her. I thought she was really funny and quick witted but very smart…..and would love reading about murder mystery in Tucson area….
    I wanted more of Robin…I wanted to know more back ground…where and why she got transferred to Tucson…all of her come she gets into trouble….but yet she is passionate about her job!! despite getting transferred she made lemonade out of lemons. .she just seemed like a really fun character…and thought… my word!!! you could write another 50 books on a whole new character and crazy new adventures!! Would be nice to throw Frank Montoya in there too!!
    Anyway….that was my thought…I hope you are doing well….Please continue to write….my friends and I live for each book here in cold Illinois!
    Thanks for giving me years of enjoyment!!

    Best Always,
    Joy Muir

  21. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Meeting you this evening in Olympia was a treat.
    Everything that you have written is just great. I pour through the books every morning sharing you with my coffee. I hope you don’t mind!!
    As I mentioned to you this evening you are a multi-talented woman with wit, intensity of thought, a very fine (former Toastmaster) speaker and a damn good writer.
    Thank you for taking the time to make the dedication note in Man Overboard for me. It will be given to our little library in Yelm with my intent to put it up for auction to raise money for the kids programs. I’m going to buy my own now!!
    I will drop you a note and let you know how it all went.
    By the way I found out about your guest signing in the Coffee News in the little rack at Bloodworks clinic in Olympia when I was giving my blood donation. Your notice was the best thing in the paper!!

    Best wishes,
    Connie Smith

    P.S. Who’s writing do you read for pleasure??

  22. I read mysteries, of course, the usual suspects–Dan Silva, Lee Child, Jussi Adler-Olson. But I can read someone else’s book when I’m working on one of my own.

  23. Love your books. Joanna Brady is my favorite. I’d love more stories with her. I like JP Beaumont, too. Keep writing, please. I also like the fact your books are “clean”, no bad language or raunchy scenes. Thank you for that.

  24. I was recently given Second Watch by my brother in law. This was my first experience with your books and I can’t imagine a better introduction! As a Viet Nam Vet, I so appreciated the book and the story behind it. Even though I was never in country, my photo reconnaissance squadron (VAP 61, stationed on Guam) did have an attachment in Chu lai and we did loose several of our squadron members while I was attached. I also knew too many friends and acquaintances from high school and college who were killed or wounded. I have been fortunate to visit the Memorial and hope to make at least one more in the coming years. It was so emotional, I spent 7 hours with tears in my eyes the whole time. I was also privileged to visit the WIMSA Memorial while visiting to pay homage to all of the brave and selfless women (including my mother who served in the Navy during WWII). Again, thank you for a wonderful story and and the behind the scenes follow up. I can’t wait to read more of this series and all of your other works.
    Gary E. Hoffman
    Photographers Mate, 3rd class (1968-1972)

  25. Gary,

    Thank you for your service and thank you to your mother for HER service. I’m glad you started on my books with Second Watch. It is one of my favorites.

  26. I so appreciate your reply. Unfortunately, my mom Rose, passed away three years ago in January, five days after her 94th birthday (on which her great granddaughter was born). She got to meet 5 day old Kaylene Rose the morning of her passing. I will be forever grateful to my son Ryan for his thoughtfulness in honoring her in naming his first born.
    I just finished Until Proven Guilty this morning and looking forward to the next in the series.

    Thank you and Happy Easter

  27. Yes, that was thoughtful of your son to name his daughter after your mother. In 1972 I named my daughter Jeanne Teale after her paternal grandfather, Herman Teale Janc. Herman died three months after she was born, and I’m so glad I stuck to my guns.

    Glad you’ve gone back to the beginning with Beau. If you’d like to be added to my new book notification list, please send an e-mail to me at In order to add you to the list, I’ll need your city and state.

  28. I have just recently discovered your books.. unfortunately I started with the last Joanna Brady book as I didn’t realize it was a series. I have now started at the beginning and am enjoying each one in sequence. Love Love Love them! (However my chores are not getting done)!
    Can’t wait to finish one and go on to the next, and am excited to start the Beaumont series as I am a Seattle native!

  29. Have enjoyed all of you books. Have been to a few book signings in Chandler and Mesa and so enjoyed listening to you. I’ve also turned several friends on to your books. Always look forward to your next book.

  30. If you would like to be added to my new book notification list, please send me an e-mail at

    Please include your first and last name as well as your city and state..

  31. Hi,
    I have a question about Joanna Brady, she’s my favorite of your series. When she married Butch she didn’t change her name. I can’t remember if this was addressed in the books, so could you comment on this?
    Thanks .
    Karen Jonas-Sapp

    p.s. Just finished Dead Wrong and on to Damage Control 🙂

    • Dear Karen,

      When I married my second husband, I was already J.A. Jance. I didn’t change my name, and Bill didn’t change his, and 34 years later that isn’t an issue for us. Joanna was already Sheriff Brady when she married Butch. Same situation.

      If you would like to be added to my newsletter list, please send me an e-mail at, giving me your city and state.

  32. Hi:
    Please add me to your newletter list. I’m really looking forward to your next Joanna Brady book!
    Thank you,
    David N.

    • Dear David,

      Your e-mail address does not show up on the comments. In order to be added to my list, please send your first and last name as well as your city and state to me directly at

  33. Love your Joanne Brady and J P Beaumont series. Just starting Ali Reynolds.

  34. I wrote to you one time before. I am 72 and never read a book but a friend introduced me to your Ali series this winter, I was reading 2books a week the Ali ,Joanna series and now JP . I just saw you at Sun City OroValley and now have a much better perspective on them. I can not believe how much I have loved your books. I have snuck in a few other authors but they are just not doing it for me… THANK YOU for keeping up my interest..

    • Thank you so much. For years people have told me that reading my books is like eating Fritos–you can’t read just one. That certainly seems to be holding true for you.

  35. I love your books, especially the Joanna Brady series. I’ve been looking for interviews online and came across your blog and newsletter signup. Yay!

    • I don’t see an e-mail from you. In order to be added to my newsletter list, send an e-mail to me at giving me your first and last name as well as your city and state.

    • We have met you several times and have always enjoyed seeing you and listening to you speak. I have a T-shirt that I won at the fundraiser you had, you had autographed it. Thank you. My husband has been getting your Emails for sometime so now I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.
      Sorry you moved from Tucson.
      Love your books.

      • Natalie, thanks for the kind words. I don’t remember which event included a signed Tee-Shirt, but I’m glad you still have it. I’ve now added your name to my list so your husband’s name won’t be the only one on the newsletter list.

    • We’ve been loyal readers for many years
      and look forward to more of your books.

  36. Just discovered your books a few months ago. Where have I been? Happily and dreading catching up! Sincerely, J Richard Trinity

  37. Hi! Somehow I have deleted my email from your blog service, so I did not get your blog delivered to my email today. We exchanged emails a week ago that you have my email on your newsletter list, now I can’t figure out how to get added to the blog service.

  38. Dear J. A.,
    I have read most all of your early work, and all of the newer work as i come across them, I love your writing, something about it resonates with me.
    2 years ago my sister gifted me “after the fire” without knowing that i am such a big fan of yours.
    When I read about your life I understood, there are many parallels in our histories. It was a relevation.
    I so enjoy your skill at writing. I used to read 4-5 books a week, for about 35 years, and always feel a little joyous anticipation when I find one of my favorite authors’ newest books (One of yours.)
    I used to be shy, but I thought that it would be a shame to never say hello and thank you, and it was so easy to find this site to leave you a message. Bless you, and write more, please, we are not getting any younger. Thank you for many, many hours of some of my favorite entertainment.

    • Thank you so much for writing and for the comments about both my works in general an about After the Fire. When I finished writing After the Fire in 1983, I was totally unfamiliar with the world of publishing. Despite the fact that I was a product of the University of Arizona, I went to the University of Washington, seeking advice from their professor of poetry. He started out by asking about my background, when I told him I was an English Major with a teaching certificate, he couldn’t have been more dismissive. He glanced through some of the poems and allowed, reluctantly, that maybe I did understand a bit about poetry. What he didn’t get was the story behind it–or how many other people have shared those experiences. I’m always sad/glad when someone tells me that my experience mirrors theirs. And I’m also grateful to HarperCollins for taking a chance on the book and keeping it in print.

    • Dear Joan,

      That’s more of an impact than I intended, but it turns out you’re not the first to make the move from somewhere else to Arizona. If you want to be added to my list, please send me an e-mail at this address,

  39. Hello, I have just recently started listening to your books – J.P. Beaumont. I have enjoyed every single one. Forgive me, I have the worse memory. I have just question and hopefully I didn’t just miss it, but I was dying to know how Detective Kramer reacted in the book without due process to Beau being put on the task force working for internal affairs? I hope that makes sense. I can’t stand Kramer. Sorry I don’t read the books so I don’t know if I spelled his name correctly. Sincerely, Belen

    • Dear Terry,

      The blog is published on my website every Friday. Go too and click on the blog. If you would like to receive my new book notification newsletter, please send me an e-mail at this address: I’ll need your first and last name as well as your city and state. Good luck this weekend to both you and your bowler!!!

    • The tour has not yet been finalized in New York. Once it is, it will be posted and we’ll let people know.

  40. Thank you for writing all of your series. I seldom leave our library without a copy either audio or hardback. Your characters are great companions while I work on various projects.

    Please add me to your newsletter and/or blog list.

  41. Hello
    Missed seeing you in Seattle area.
    Hopefully, you will come back soon.
    My husband has become a fan also.
    Many good thoughts
    Carol Shorno
    Snohomish Washington

  42. I just finished reading Sins of the Fathers. It was like coming home. I loved your Beaumont series when I first started reading your books. At first, I resented the new series sets, but was quickly won over. Your dialogue from Melinda touched home. Like many others, my husband is moving through dementia. Her answers of “I know who I am”. “Patience and acceptance ” will stay with me and help me. Thank you for this book (and all the others)!! Carolyn

    • I am so sorry concerning what you are facing right now. I’m glad Melinda’s words resonated with you. As the serenity prayer says, what we can’t change we need to accept. I have heard from another woman who was dealing with the same issues. She said my book of poetry, After the Fire really helped her.

    • Carolyn , I am so sorry that you and your husband are living with Dementia. I walked that road with my husband. Caring for him as Dementia/Parkinsons stripped all that was him away was one of the hardest things I have ever done. That said , it was also an honor to care for him. Explaining to others why I did this was often necessary. Simply put, he didn’t remember the life we shared but I remembered. I remembered that he was the man who worked to build and support a family with me. We remember them as they were and care for the person they are now. They did not choose to have live with their disease. Bless you both as you live with the ever changing struggle of Dementia.

  43. Just want to say, my favorite characters are Joanna and JP. Ali, not so much. I don’t enjoy her escapades with the techie group. I’m listening to the audio book of Sins of the Fathers. I love the story and I also love the reader. His slow, clear enunciation suits my liking. Please keep writing, and don’t forget Joanna!!!

  44. I enjoy your work so much! Love to you, Bill, the pups … all of you. Let us know how the invalid is recuperating. Although I don’t have a particularly long spine, I’ve had adventures with it. Hopeful that the last surgery has “fixed” it once and for ever.
    The best new year!

  45. Thank you, have just finished my second J.P. Beaumont – J.A. Janice book; I have also enjoyed 2 Joanne Brady books out of the series and 1 Ali Reynolds book. I am looking forward to reading many more of your books, having started reading them in Sun City West, AZ, while we were renting a house and visiting friends who had moved down from Olympia, Washington. Again thank you, I have now got my wife reading your book “Birds of Prey”; WOW, great stories. Take care, Dave + Deb Smith.

  46. David, thank you so much for letting me know that you and your wife are both relatively new readers. Welcome aboard.

  47. Approx. 11 years ago, I met you , as I recall, somewhere in Bothell. I shared with you some writings by my then 11 year old granddaughter. Well, she is now 22 and still writing!
    After reading your 6th or 7th J.P. Beaumont book, I thought, so he works for the Seattle PD and I live about 30 minutes from there. I think I’ll drive down and meet him! THEN, I thought, WHAT?? He is just a fictional character, Patty. But your writing is so fantastic, he seemed very real to me! KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING!
    A true fan!

    • I’m so glad to hear Beau seemed that real to you. And I’m delighted to know that your granddaughter is still writing. please tell her hello for me.

  48. Hello !! My mom had me reading Perry Mason at 10 years old, so I am a mystery fan from way back. I have always appreciated serial Mysteries and have loved ones as far back as Asey Mayo. Sometimes, you can outlive the series or just lose the spark and then it is time to move on. Since I had read a J P Beaumont somewhere along the line, he was on my list to pick up when I had an opening. So, I thought I’d start at the beginning and go from there. Not being a computer whiz, I have been pecking away online trying to find a list of his books in order so I can order some. Can you help me find such a list?
    I read your blog about his history and was brought up short. I am Irish and from a family that follows the “one in every generation” rule of alcoholics . I so look forward t0 JP coming through it.

  49. Love your blogs, catching on archives as started reading late. Big fan, read all your book, Beaumont is good but Brady is my favorite

  50. I’m from Whidbey Island Wa but now live in Tucson so when I’m reading your novels I feel like I’m in the story! I’ve read them all and cant wait for the next one.

  51. Judith
    I think I have read almost every book you have written. I started Sins of the fathers yesterday morning and finished it just now! It was so GREAT! I love Beau and laughed and cried more than once. Can’t wait for the next book.

  52. I have attended several of your book signings and enjoy your story telling. I live in Sheriff Brady land so I read that series faithfully.

  53. I have been reading your books almost from the beginning. I have all of your books and have attended many of your appearances. It is so interesting how your writing gets better and better. My favorite is “Second Watch”. With this current stay at home, I ‘ve started re-reading your books starting with the Beaumont series. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  54. I have been reading your books almost from the beginning. I have all of your books and have attended many of your appearances. It is so interesting how your writing gets better and better. My favorite is “Second Watch”. With this current stay at home, I ‘ve started re-reading your books starting with the Beaumont series. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • I don’t know where you live, but if you’re in the Phoenix area, you could try the Pasty Company.

  55. I live in Reno, love your books!! Reading the series from start to finish again while waiting to go back to work. My daughter is a big fan too. Right now I am in the Joanna Brady books, but they are all wonderful!

  56. Love your Joanna Brady series. My husband and I visited Bisbee when we were in Arizona a couple years ago. We loved the town and stopped at the Museum and the hotel.

  57. Good morning.
    We were in AZ when the lockdown occurred and had to wait until we knew that we would be able to find an open bathroom before we could begin the drive back to Oregon. We made the 24 hour drive in two days rather than the usual three and as it turned out we drank sparingly and didn’t eat until we stopped for the night. We stayed one night in Fallon, Nevada in the last room available at the Best Western.
    Congratulations to your grandson Colt. That is an accomplishment.
    My husband spent 29 years in the Coast Guard during which time we moved 22 times. It was a great career.
    We look forward to your next book as I read them aloud to him when he does the driving on the long trips.
    We have an acquaintance who is 89 and housebound. I bought her the first two books in the series with the dogs that you recommended in your last blog as she used to be a trainer and loves dog stories as well as mysteries. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Stay well

  58. Hi

    Few things. My sisters inlaws have been HUGE fans of your books for years. About 5 years ago my mom brought me a large bag of books. One of the series. Don’t remember the one. I was off reading. But started. Finished it in a few weeks. Got the next bag. Ppl would ask what I did on the weekend and sometimes would Says hung out with Joanna. (read 3 books) Blissful time. I know have read and enjoyed and bought all your books for a few years. Thank you. I live in Vancouver bc. I think it’s seattles sister city. Praying the madness ends and all are healthy. So grateful for your books which I know purchase thru kobo.

  59. hope to see you soon in tucson when things get back to some kind of normal.cathy m

  60. Being a 75 year old very active male (still an active firefighter) I love the way JP is aging. One observation from “Sins of our Fathers” which was great- there is no way a chain smoker such as Marge could ride 450 miles per day for most of a week and survive. Also a 70′ single wide in Jasper is considered luxury housing in that neck of the woods. Great people live there and love it. Gary Key

    • During a difficult time in my life, I spent two years living in a 14 x 70 mobile home. Believe me, I was incredibly grateful to have that metal roof over my head.

  61. Thanks to JP Beaumont, I think of you in the Seattle area often since the craziness has broken out and pray you are safe. I really love your books and am very glad to see a new one on the shelves just as I finish reading one. Be safe!

  62. Thank you for your amazing stories on the SnoIsle Zoom and describing how they influenced your writing. Please put me on your newsletter mailing list. Thanks!–Nancy

  63. I love your books on Joanna Brady. I ‘m planning to read the J.P. Beaumont books. I like when he work with Joanna Brady. I hope see more books about her adventures as Sheriff. I will let know how I like the Beaumont books. I hope to hear the up coming of Joanna Brady books. I can not put them down while I am reading them no matter what!

  64. Yes, that is the way it was in those days. I graduated in 1952 in a very small village in No. East Nebraska, 4 boys and 4 girls in our graduating class. none of us were pregnant. But a pretty 8th grader was. The Dad was a Jr. (in a class of 7 boys and 1 girl) and allowed in school, played football, was treated like anyone else. Pretty Girl was sent away to a Florence Crittendon Home. Shamed and shunned. But that pretty young girl KEPT her baby which was even more scandalous, and worked to support it and managed to get schooling and make something of her life. Meanwhile, Dad, handsome and popular became a “worthless” alcoholic and died from it.
    Your Joanna Brady books are my favorite and got me through some tough times when my husband and son died 8 months apart. I could escape into the world of Joanna and forget for a while.

  65. Dear Ms. Jance, I love your Ali Reynolds books. She is smart, attractive, ethical and nearly fearless (which often gets her in trouble). Also enjoy the Southwest setting. I have not read all her books, but plan to, especially now that I have the “Books in Order” list. Thank you for creating such a fascinating character. Also just finished my first JP Beaumont story “A More Perfect Union.” I enjoyed it, but I still like Ali Reynolds better. Maybe I’ll give him another shot, though. I like the Seattle setting.
    I’m a retired 5th grade teacher in San Francisco and loved working with that age group. My whole writing program consisted of getting the kids to use their imaginations (like, get your brain off the video games, they are destroying your creativity!). So our topics were science fiction, horror, Time Travel, finding a lost world, and mysteries. We used to illustrate and print up our mystery/horror stories in a book of short stories, and on Halloween read them to the lower grades. Big hit. Hopefully I planted a few seeds. (I know I planted at least two, as I taught two siblings who were direct descendants of Mark Twain, and great writers!)
    RE: exercise. It’s great that you and your husband are doing this. I used to go to the gym, now I hike and do small weights every other day. Didn’t need to lose too much weight (a little) but I am pre-diabetic, and my doctor told me that the exercise has helped me stay off insulin and keep the sugar under control. SO it really does pay off!
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Xmas, and a better 2021.

    • Since you’re not reading in order, I suggest you give either Second Watch or Sins of the Fathers. I suspect either of those will turn you into a Beau fan.

  66. Hi Judy,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. My neighbor Joan reads all of your books & stated me on Beaumont series and most recently Joann Brady. O have loved them all and am reading as many as I can find. I picked up a couple Ali Reynolds but still need to read them. I just introduced your books to my Father in law and he us hooked. He’s 87 & he just recently lost his wife last year so he keeps busy reading. He reads one every 2 or 3 days!! Anyway thank you for all of your books & keep em coming!! You have avid readers here in Rehoboth Beach Delaware!!
    Thanks again
    Rose Osterstrom

  67. It’s been years since l last contacted you.
    Horses. A documentary style movie called Unbranded is about driving a herd of horses from the Mexican border to Canada.
    It shows how hard things were in the past. It’s pretty good.

  68. My husband and I enjoy all your books. He turned me to them, and he is rereading them. I am curious what your ties or background is with the LDS church. There always seems to be a mention somewhere in your books.

  69. I thought I had read (and loved) all your books until you mentioned the Walker Family Series in your Facebook blog some weeks ago. Delighted to have something new to read, I looked for them. I found some at my local library (I love libraries) and bought the rest via Amazon. I love this series, but then again, I love all your series. As I opened the last ebook, Dance of the Bones, I had a quandary because I realized I had read it before as part of the JP Beaumont Series. I don’t re-read books, generally speaking, but given that I had bought it on Amazon and I was so intrigued by the series, I decided to re-read it to see it with a different perspective after having read the other Walker Family books. Wow! Just wow! You mentioned in your blog that your editor has put an end to this series and that you’re sad about that. I am too! In fact, I’m heart-broken. If you have a file for “begging the editor to continue the Walker Family Series”, please add my plea. I need to see these characters develop more! Thank you for this, and for all your series.
    France Picard, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  70. Ali Reynolds was my first series of yours. I’ve recommended it to all my family and friends. This series had the best & most pleasant narrator. Then off to JoAnn Brady. Currently listening to the Beaumont series. You are such a talented story teller. I look forward to more audio books in the future. Thank you!

  71. I am a new fan of your Joanna Brady books, have read five so far. Thanks for the enjoyment!

    • Welcome aboard, but please be advised. People have told me for years that reading my books is like eating Fritos-you can’t read just one, and you’re already five to the good.

  72. Hi J.A.! I met you in Ft. Myers last month when you were in town for the Author Fest. I bought two of your new books—“Nothing to Lose” and “Unfinished Business.” Thanks again for autographing both. I also enjoyed your talk. My husband read the books first, so I just finished reading the JP Beaumont book Nothing to Lose” and wanted bring to your attention an error on page 287. I believe the great-grandmother is on the FATHER’s side, not the mother’s. Thanks again for all the great books you have written

    • Thanks for being an SER–a sharp-eyed reader. This error has already been pointed out and forwarded to my editors for correction.

  73. JA Jance! Where have you been all of my adult life????????? One of my residents (who is in his late 90s) introduced me to you this past Christmas. Almost 5 months later, I am now on my last JP Beaumont book!!! I haven’t read like this since I was a teenager! We scour the thrift stores for your books since some of them are hard to find in the libraries. My niblings loved looking for them for my stocking at Christmas. Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure you have brought me with my puppy sitting right next to me. I can’t wait to finish this last book and then head on to a new series from you!!!!

    • I woke up this morning wondering what this week’s blog would be about, and there was your comment just hiding there in my email, so Amy, when you read this week’s blog–not yet written–you’ll know this one’s for you!

  74. I have only one more book in the Joanna Brady series after which I’m sure I’ll die knowing my favorite sheriff won’t be there to enthrall me every day. Are you going to write more books in this series?

    • I’m pretty sure I will be writing more, but in the meantime, you can expect Joanna et al to make an appearance in my upcoming Walker Book, Blessing of the Lost Girls, due out next fall.

  75. I’m hoping for a new book from you soon. Beaumont, Reynolds, Brady. Doesn’t matter which. Waiting with bated breath but not too bated or I’d pass out.

    • Dear Bob,

      I just checked in my database and you’re not there. If you would like to be added to my new book notification list, please write to me at

      The next book due out, is an Ali–Collateral Damage. It’s due out March 14. Then, in August, will be Blessing of the Lost Girls/ a Walker/Brady combo.

  76. Hello J.A. !
    I have been enjoying your “Beau books” very much…I am from the South Seattle area (Des Moines to be exact) so like the connection I get with your books set in the Pacific Northwest as I do with the G.M. Ford books. I do wonder though if some errors(?) are intentional. Such as Rosario Resort looking over Rosario Strait when it is actually on East Sound. I have found some of the same things in Ford’s work as well as San Juan author, D.W. Ulsterman. Is there some reason for this? We keep our sailboat in Blaine and have sailed the San Juan’s for years. I will be looking forward to meeting you at one of your book signing. I understand you had in at B & N in Spokane some time back.


    John Hill
    Kettle Falls / Blaine WA

    • Injustice for All was written when I was new to Washington and there was no such thing as Google Maps readily available. And the only time I’ve ever been to Rosario was shortly after my kids went to Spring Break camp on Orcas Island. So I plead author ignorance. Or maybe even youthful ignorance. That was a long time ago. J.P. was still using pay phones back then.

      • Thanks for the comment and clarification! I think one of the reason’s I like your older books is the ‘retro’ feeling I get from the era of no cell phones, no DNA testing, and such. I guess as I work my way up the book list these things will start to play an interesting part. I did get a chuckle reading your explanation of the nautical term fo’c’sle in ‘Lying in Wait’!
        I am really not that anal about this stuff, be thought it might be an literary of legal thing, such as in one of Ulsterman’s books he make use of the University or Bellingham, not Western Washington State University.
        Do you need permission to use commercial or private places in your writings?
        Cheers from snowy and cold Eastern Washington

        • In Trial by Fury, QFC wouldn’t allow me to put a dead body in their dumpster so I had to create a new grocery store on the spot.

  77. It was very nice getting to meet you today while we both sat in a waiting room.
    I look forward to taking a peak into your world of writing.
    Thank you for your kindness.

  78. What happened to Bella’s former owner, her money, and her son? You kinda left that incomplete. Not a criticism, it is just unlike your other books. You usually close everything up quite well. I know you are very busy but if you could let me know I would be very grateful.

  79. Hi. Been waiting since February but Blessing is out. Yay. I buy all your books on Amazon, kindle. The family tree chart is impossible to read on Kindle. Can you email me a copy so I can see it? I have been and always will you your devotedvfan. Many thanks

    • Dear Jeana, I’ll bet you thought I was ignoring you. I’m so sorry to know that the Family Tree information is inaccessible on your Kindle. I have now obtained a pdf copy of same. Please email me at And that goes for any other readers who would like a more readable copy of the family tree. Please let me know, and I’ll be happy to send.

  80. I agree, too. Since Issaquah isn’t that far from Redmond, maybe your son can help you attend the upcoming event at the Redmond Library.

  81. I saw you in Prescott Valley yesterday, and you mentioned that you were turned down for a literature class. About 2 seconds later I thought of Agatha Christe, Mary Shelly, the Bronte sisters, etc. It gave me an idea, Why don’t you write about if you had Gine to great Britain where they respect women writers

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