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The trip to New York was wonderful.  Sitting down to dinner with the people who have shepherded my career for more than thirty years was especially gratifying.  Among the invited guests were my first editor from Avon Books, John Douglas, as well as Carolyn Reidy who was my initial publisher at Avon Books and who is now at the helm of Simon and Schuster, the publishing home of the Ali Reynolds series.

When Avon went to HarperCollins in the nineties, so did I—along with J.P. Beaumont, Joanna Brady, and the Walkers.  So my HarperCollins people were there as well. Current editors and past editors as well as a phalanx of corporate and publicity folks from both sides were in attendance, and it meant so much to be able to tell all those folks thank you.

And the Strand awards evening was also lovely.  They gave me a gorgeous glass trophy which is being shipped home to me rather than carried in luggage.  It’s incredibly beautiful—photo to follow—but made of solid glass and, as a consequence, very heavy. It turns out our luggage was already heavy enough, thank you very much.  More on that later.

I enjoyed my participation in ThrillerFest and was glad to be a part of it, including having a chance to visit with Lisa Preston, an up and coming Washington State author whose first book, The Clincher, is due out in November.  The heroine in that one is a farrier, and a clincher is one of her horse shoeing tools.  Believe me, it’s a fun read, and in reading it you’ll learn a lot about horses and shoeing same!

We came home and found ourselves face to face—well almost—with a small miracle.  Seven years ago, when we redid the backyard and turned the leaky fishpond into one that actually held water, we went to PetsMart and bought a passel of goldfish plus one plug-ugly Koi—mottled grey with a red head.  In the beginning the koi was about the same size as all the other fish, but when he outgrew everybody else, we came to call him the Big Guy.  Last summer he was MIA all summer long.  Believing him to have fallen prey to my nemesis, the blue heron who regards our pond as an appetizer dispenser, I went so far as to write a requiem for the Big Guy at the end of the summer.  But yesterday and today, when I went down to feed the fish, there he was—bigger than ever.  We should probably rename him Sasquatch!  But I’m so grateful to have him back.  YAY!

And now for the bad news.  I have injured my right shoulder.  I can still type, and I can actually autograph books, but since I can’t lift my arm over my head—or even up to my nose–putting luggage into an overhead bin is pretty much off the table.  With Bill’s bad back, I have always been the designated luggage lifter.  In other words, he can’t do it, either.  As a consequence, after doing close to sixty book tours over the past 33 years, I’ve chosen to cancel the one for Field of Bones this fall.  I’m sorry, and I thank you in advance for your understanding.  At this point, I’m doing PT and hoping to avoid any kind of surgical procedure, but I can tell you for sure that getting old is not for sissies.

I will be signing and shipping books to the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Mostly Books in Tucson, and VJ Books in Portland.  They won’t be personalized, but they will be signed with my signature red pen.  You might want to place your order early so they have enough.

That’s all for now.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very gratifying trip to the Big Apple! I can truly sympathize on the shoulder problem. I really hope the PT works definitively for you! Been there, done that and wound up eventually having both shoulders fixed surgically, and I still have to be careful with them. Your luggage lifting days may be over for good. So, keep it moving, follow your PT religiously! The surgery is not a fun one but does restore mobility and the ability to sleep comfortably (eventually) — and there’s lots of PT exercises after that too! Good luck, I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. Definitely getting older take a lot of work. So sorry about your shoulder. I’ve been put on oxygen and that’s no fun. Glad Big Guy has returned – to celebrate your neat award? I have moved to Des Moines to live with my oldest son but he sees to it that I get back to Arizona and Cochise County. From a Bulldog to a Puma!

  3. I’m glad your fish has returned. I wonder where he was hiding out? I’m sorry to hear you are having shoulder problems, but it may be a sign telling you to slow down. I don’t think you really have to go on tours any more. You have an excellent reputation. People know who you are and love your books.

    I took Beau to bed with me last night and had a hard time putting the book down. “Proof of Life” is great altho I am a cat person and not too excited about the dog who comes to live with Beau and Mel.

    Thanks for telling us about your award. Am looking forward to seeing a photo.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder and Bill’s back, and that your book tour is canceled. I so look forward to your talks!.
    Speedy recovery to both you and Bill.
    Hope to see you back out on the trail in the spring of 2019.

  5. Here’s hoping your P T works. My aunt used to say that getting older take a lot of Patients and pain pills…lol
    So glad you New York trip was so Successful . It’s nice to be recognized for all your hard work and Imagination.
    Looking forward to your newest book, I love Joann of course all Beau, Ali and Walker are my favorite, guess this sounds like I love Everything you write.
    We have moved to Surprise Az. Since this is summer and we are not used to 117 degree weather we are still finding it a Fascinating state. Have a super week take care of that shoulder…Jan

    • When I was a teenager we said that Surprise got it’s name because after driving through miles of cotton fields, you were surprised there was anything there! Not anymore,

  6. I’m hoping your shoulder is back to normal soon. I had surgery two years ago (at 63 yrs old) on a torn rotator cuff and now it’s better than the other one! So there’s hope either way! PT and lots of ice! All the best with that.
    I just want to say that I love your JP Beaumont series the best because it’s like a visit back home for me. I’ve lived and loved it in California for 30 years now but still love reading about familiar places back home! I love Joanna Brady too and hope to visit Arizona one day!

  7. Sorry about your shoulder and happy about your fish. A lizard comes on to my (Arizona) patio to eat mealworms. Last sumer came nearly every day but every other day or so this year. About the time I think he is a goner he comes back. My daughter was on a panel with you and you signed a book for me. Thank you!

  8. You were missed at the reunion, but a good time was had by all. We were very thankful Jan could come.

    I watched your interview last week; very interesting! Glad you had a good time in New York, and sorry to hear about the shoulder. Glad the big guy’s back!

  9. Get better soon. Do the pt because surgery takes so long to recover from. Put your feet up and envision your next book. Any more JPBeaumont in the horizon?

  10. So sorry you hurt your shoulder and had to cancel your book tour. Prayers for a speeding and pain free recovery. Thank you for continuing to write. I always am so happy when a new book comes out!!
    Have a Blessed Day!

  11. How wonderful you were able to see and thank all those wonderful people who supported you along the way! All your readers are grateful to them as well.
    In this age of technology, a virtual book tour can be very effective and fun too, without all the hassle of travel. At the very least, tweet and Facebook post some of your prior interviews. I expect many of your fans will retweet and share. Maybe even a podcast?
    Here’s hoping your shoulder heals up quickly!

  12. So sorry to hear about the shoulder – I have found a good chiropractor and PT help most things. I suspect you could never tour again and sell just as many books, but I know the lucky fans enjoy paying homage to your talent.


  13. When I hurt my shoulder like that because of my bone diseases I wanted to avoid surgery- a year of exercises at the ymca under the direction of one of their guys did it thankfully. Because I travel so much for trips and to my kids several times a year, I never take carry on luggage. I check one bag and until this summer used a small backpack. That has even become a problem so I use a cloth purse
    For laptop etc. I have said before your books sell themselves-you don’t have to do so many
    Appearances. One of the top books of the year that is absolutely true to life and frightening is by two authors who probably did no tours-it sells itself if one can read it without shivering. Gave me nightmares!!
    So get well and relax and write!

  14. Book tours have to be so exhausting, I am glad you get to skip one, or more if you take a liking to not being dead tired all the time!
    I’ve seen a few youtube videos about koi and those herons can pick out some pretty good sized fish. They are a true nemesis for anyone who keeps fish. Hope Big Guy is able to keep up his camouflage when Moriarty comes calling.
    Get well!

  15. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, hopefully, PT will resolve the situation. You are right, getting old is not for sissies! Thank you for the tip on where to pick up a copy of Field of Bones. I will give Mostly Books a call and reserve one.
    Take care.

  16. SUBJECT: FROZEN SHOULDER. my personal two cents re your shoulder. You may have “frozen shoulder.” We discovered a Pain Management Clinic near our home when my husband was hurting bad from sciatica in his leg. We did not know there were such things, but our insurance covered a steroid shot in the back for him. That is good news. Bad news is he suffered for 3 months with pain pills and PT before our dermatologist told us to seek Pain Management and we were able to get him treated. Anyway, I had frozen shoulder many years ago and my MD threw up his hands. I went over his head to chief of San Diego Kaiser Physical Medicine. That doc knew where to put the cortisone shot. Went in through the back. Next day, no pain. Have to admit I am 83 now and rotator cuff gives me trouble. Check it out, ma dear J A Jance. Eagerly awaiting every one of your upcoming books!!!!!!

  17. When I fell in love with romances back on the 70’s Avon was always the publisher of choice. So many great books and authors. Four years of reading college texts had turned me off reading. Then a colleague loaned me a book and I was hooked again.

  18. I hurt my shoulder last year. I found that I could do all the PT exercises on my Total Gym. All healed up. Hope you don’t have to have surgery.

  19. Sorry to hear about your injured shoulder…Take all the physical therapy you can..Yes, getting old is no party….I have had two knee replacements, soft tissue damage in one of my shoulders and now neuropathy….But, I try to find some little pleasure in each day…When I discovered your books it was a true blessing….My favorite character is J.P. Beaumont…Reading your books over the years has given me such pleasure..I believe this is how it is supposed to be as we age…I was told to do exercises for my legs, walk, bike and just keep moving to strengthen my leg muscles…They are the first muscles to weaken as we age…I give you that little gem to work on…My small gift to you for all the pleasure your books have given me..

  20. Hi Janice
    Sorry to hear you hurt your arm. Time for rest and relaxation and a lot of YOU time. I am older too and I know when you get wounded you have to lay back and enjoy reading and watching a little tv. Sending you good vibes! I will be up in Issaquah next month for almost 2 weeks. Hope the good weather holds out!

  21. Frozen Shoulder, maybe. Be careful not to over use your other arm. Rest, ice, and PT. I’ve been there.

  22. Sorry about your shoulder. Since I’m short and can’t lift my heavy bag, I either ask a volunteer male on the plane who is more than happy to help me or I check my bag in. It is only $25 and not a huge expense. Then I just walk on.

  23. As much as I ( and my “good husband”) have enjoyed meeting you on past book tours, we would much rather have you concentrate on having your shoulder healed. We hope that you can continue your weekly blog and write more books.

  24. My mom was in her 80s when she told me there isn’t much gold in the golden years just lots of Dr bills. I’ve been taking one tablespoon of Knox gelatin in my protein shake every morning for the past couple of years. It took about four months before I noticed my fingernails were much stronger and another several months before I noticed my knees pretty much stopped hurting. An inexpensive help. I’m going to get a bone scan this fall and am very interested in the results.

  25. My husband and I decided after our last short vaca that we’re going to have to travel with 2 smaller suitcases rather than one large, heavy bag.
    “As we age” (hate that phrase) we need to adapt so we can continue on.

    • Ellen, I found that during my travels I packed too many clothes. I was married to a pilot so was able to travel space available. That meant having everything in a carry-on suitcase as I didn’t dare check anything. You can wear the same clothes every day doing some laundry if you have to. I traveled a lot in winter where a coat covered my clothes. A big handbag is necessary, too.

  26. We are glad you get trophies and recognition! You deserve it and How nice that you were able to meet with all those that have helped and supported you through the years. That must have been very satisfying. You surely enriched their lives and pocket books too! And how nice that you are able to continue getting around albeit with less mobility. Getting old is not for sissy’s for sure!! Looking forward to Field of Bones!!!

  27. JA: Sorry about your shoulder, I had a rotator cuff several years ago, it had to be done, but it was a dozzie. I am in to Duel to the Death and wondering how I missed Leland Brooks leaving Ali Reynolds, but that’s OK, each book is special on its own. Take care of yourself. Mary

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    It’s ridiculous hiding it that way. IMHO

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