Dance of the Bones in Paperback

A long ago governor of Arizona, John Richard ‘Jack’ Williams, went on the air with a morning radio program after he left office.  The show came on just as I was leaving to walk to Greenway School, and here are the opening lines. “It’s another beautiful day in Arizona. Leave us all enjoy it.”

Today it’s a beautiful spring day in Washington. I’m sitting on our back porch. Bella is fast asleep with her long little doxie body, cuddled next to my thigh. Jojo’s long little body is across my shoulders, like a doxie neck wrap. Using my new prescription glasses, I’m looking down into the garden, past a pair of lush hanging baskets, past the curtain of hanging wisteria blossoms, and down to the fast flowing water in the fishpond. Dappled sunlight is leaking through the fronds on the palm trees.  It’s lovely, and leave us all enjoy it.

By the time you read this blog-newsletter, however, I’ll be off on a Silverseas Cruise—with very limited internet access, by the way.  So when you get this, even though you might want to reply instantly, you might want to hold off on that because I may not be able to read and respond to same.

Dance of the Bones

Dance of the Bones

This is a newsletter after all, and I want you to be aware that the paperback edition of Dance of the Bones goes on sale May 31. The Beaumont novella, Stand Down, is also in this paperback edition.

For those of you who are paperback readers, it’s finally your turn.  There’ll be a new novella, Random Acts, in July, in both e-book and paperback formats, and a new Joanna book, Downfall, in September.  So yes, I’m still working—but not while I’m cruising.  And we wouldn’t be off on a cruise if it weren’t for all of my readers—hardback, paperback, and e-book readers!

So thank you very much.

See you later!