Tucson Festival of Books 2020

As of today, the Tucson Festival of Books for 2020 has been cancelled. So sorry to miss the folks who were planning to attend. See you next year.


6 thoughts on “Tucson Festival of Books 2020

  1. I am so sorry but certainly believe it’s for the best. I would have loved to attend this year’s event. Here’s to next year!?

  2. So sorry the Festival has been cancelled, but given the need for the world to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, I think it’s for the best. All of us in Tucson hope this will play a small role stopping the spread of the disease. I’ll look forward to catching up with you next year and then there’ll be even more books for you to sign!

  3. I just read that here in Tucson, unfortunatly that is a good decision to prevent the possible spread of the disease. I have been reading that people are testing positive for the virus with no symptoms.

  4. Sad, but necessary. Especially depressing for all of the people who have spent the entire past year planning for this spectacular event. Heartbreaking to see all of their efforts erased.

  5. Wow! I am afraid this action is to be expected in many aspects of our daily lives. 2021 will be a good year.

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