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I consider this blog to be a window on my world. I know readers look forward to my Friday morning messages in hopes of finding an encouraging word, but right now I’m a bit tapped out.

Jojo continues to improve, but she has two physical therapy sessions a week. She needs to be lifted up and down the steps to go outside. Today Mary is having eye-surgery for her second cherry eye, so by this afternoon, she’ll be wearing a cone that will have to remain in place for the next three weeks. Having two gimpy dogs at once will be an adventure.

We’re still doing our three-times-a-week training sessions. Doctor and dentist appointments have to be squeezed in. I could also use a manicure right now, but that’s very low on the priority list.

In addition, the deadline on my Joanna book is actively ticking.

So please forgive me if I’m not up to my usual cheery blog standards. Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

Today happens to be one of those bug days.

29 thoughts on “A Buggy Blog

  1. Sending prayers for you, your pups and your husband. This too shall pass. Just take it one day at a time. You are an inspiration to us all! Sending hugs and warm wishes for swift recovery to all.

  2. You have a lot on your plate right now, but you’ll make it through. As I’ve told you before my kids went through this with their dogs and they got through it just fine. you do need to take some time for yourself though…go get that manicure and a pedicure and relax!! Best wishes for a better new year~~

  3. My sympathy is with you. Our dogs are our family too and when they hurt, we hurt. My old Annie is getting so stiff now as she is 14. I have to help her and she weighs 40 pounds. Her mother died when she gave birth and all her puppies died also except Annie. My daughter knew the family and told them her mom could raise this baby. I was successful and I am going to be devastated when she takes her last breath.
    On a happier note, I just finished A List and I class it as your best book yet. I could hardly lay it down from start to finish. Cannot wait for the next one.

  4. It would be wonderful if I could wave a magic wand and make all our lives fun and simple, but instead, all I can do is tell you to hang in there. It’s just a season, and though it feels like it is never-ending, fresh breath is around the corner. I love your blogs and look forward to being a part of your life, so regardless if it is cheery or not, it’s always good to hear from you. Take care and get the manicure, you’ll feel better.

  5. We lift a 18 lb. cat up to eat where the dog can’t get to it and the dog is having kidney problems and is hard on the dining room floors when we go out for a while. Love them too much. I just hope my husband will do a good job while I’m watching over grandchildren for 10 days. Blessing to Jojo and Mary

  6. Move yourself up on the list. A couple of hours for your own pampering will keep you going to handle the rest. Hugs.

  7. Sending thoughts and prayers of encouragement, comfort, and patience. Understand that kind of pressure. ‘When it rains, it pours’, and right now with the predicted storms here in the NW, that’s what it’s doing. Keep breathing. Keep writing.

  8. I understand. You’re dealing with a lot right now. Question, though, I thought you were working on an Ali book, not Joanna?

  9. Boy, I feel pretty selfish right now – I do anticipate your blogs to make me laugh outright, smile, or at least ponder what I’ve read. Today I wish some of us could offload your tasks for a bit. Lots for you to juggle; we can only wish for healthy outcomes for Mary and Jojo, and good reports for you both medically. As for Joanna, I can’t wait! And there is therapeutic value to a good manicure…

  10. Thanks for checking in and letting us know what is up with you, so we wouldn’t worry if we hadn’t seen a post from you on a Friday.
    Thank you for posting ALL your blogs no matter the topic. It makes us realize more and more that we deal with a lot of similar issues in life. For a busy productive author to take time to share their life is invaluable to many of us avid readers!
    Sending hopes for patience and strength as you care for your doggies and hopes they recover quickly and well.

  11. Hang in there my friend, you have a whole bunch of people behind you and supporting you and loving you. Have a better day! God bless you.

  12. Buck up, next week this will be a memory. Any illness no matter what or who is harder on care giver than the patient. Your a amazing woman and story teller. Your imagination is a miracle of intriguing stories and a way of writing that inspires others to read and write.
    I hope Bill is doing better, you haven’t said so I hope he’s doing better. Hang in there this to will pass… Have a lovely week..Jan

  13. Aww, sounds like you’re doing great. Seems like it’ll never end sometimes, doesn’t it? Your pups are lucky they are so loved, and I know you would do just about anything for them. You’re proving it every day! You’ve got lots of virtual support out here…hope you can feel it!

  14. Deep breathing and minute by minute you can get through anything until life evens out again. On the other hand, 30 minutes in bed with your head under the covers hiding from everything and taking a break works too! Which one works for the situation is your choice.

  15. I thought of the Bible verse where it says that if you take care of the least of God’s creatures you are taking care of Him. I think you are such a good example of this. I hope all is well soon. I’ve never nursed sick animals, but imagine it is difficult because they cannot talk. Maybe a tail wag is enough. Keep strong.

  16. Your world is just like ours…a good week=no doctor appointments. We have a free week coming up.

    I need a pedicure but as you say…low on the list of what must get done.

  17. Sometimes just a quick note to us to let us know the basics so we don’t worry. Life is rough sometimes and I don’t think any of us would give it up for anything. My go to saying is: Take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other!

  18. I do believe I am both. Today as I look out upon a courtyard from my hospital room at the UWMC , one week after receiving this miraculous gift of life. – double lung transplat.

    However, for me to be what I am, my donor’s family is going through hell. I am forever in their debt.

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