Time to be Thankful

Once again, I’m writing the blog early because my IT Gal will be headed out of town over the long weekend.

I was laid low by vertigo over the last few days. I’ve had vertigo before, but this one sent me to bed where the lighted light switch insisted on zooming around the room. Very disquieting.

Yes, pride goeth before the fall. My 10,000 steps a day took a real hit. In the course of four days I didn’t top 7500 total! But I’m way better today. WAAAAAY better!

As of last night the now thrice edited manuscript for Credible Threat went to New York where, as of yesterday, I have a new editor. When you’ve been writing as long as I have, those things happen, but it’s never happened to me before on the very day I was submitting a manuscript. That was almost as disquieting as the magic flying light switch. And by the way, I may have been sick, but I didn’t have the day off. I wasn’t well enough to walk, but I could still type and did. With a pre-Thanksgiving deadline, I was in a blackout as far as sick leave is concerned.

Yesterday I was somewhat better. Today I feel completely better, and the light switch is staying put. So in terms of being thankful, that’s pretty high on the list.

We just spent some time watching the weather channel. Yes, it looks like we’re in for some weather here, too, but not anything like what the rest of the country is getting. And if you’re somewhere in that nationwide batch of awful weather, I hope you and your loved ones are safe. We have one set of kids traveling over Snoqualmie Pass for Thanksgiving, and I know I’ll worry about them until they’re here and then I’ll worry until they’re safely home. Moms are like that.

Our Thanksgiving supplies are in the house. Pumpkin pies and fresh cranberry jelly are on the to-do list for today. Tomorrow it will be bringing the turkey.

So what am I thankful for? Let’s see:

Having a husband who looked after me when I wasn’t in the best of shape.
Kids who care enough to come for dinner.
Being well enough to cook for them.
Knowing that the larder is full of all the things needed for that dinner.
Having kids and grand-kids who all pitch in to help clean up afterwards.
Having a warm house with music playing in the background.
Having two dogs cuddled up on the hassock in front of our two side-by-side chairs.

But here’s the real bottom line, the life I live now is made possible by my readers—all of them. That goes for DTRs, e-book readers, library readers, and yes, used book readers, too, because those passed along books often lead to brand new readers.

And I’m also thankful for the camaraderie of my faithful blog readers who stay in touch and let me know that there are real people out there on the other side of my computer screen.

Now let’s go start baking.

24 thoughts on “Time to be Thankful

  1. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day with family! Yes, there are real people on this side of the computer screen and we are all hoping the vertigo is gone for good! Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Sounds like you needed a bit of anti-vert! (A medication). I had vertigo several years ago, as a result of an involuntary dismount from a horse. Yes, I had on a helmet, I still got a concussion. I was lucky enough to find a physical therapist who could manipulate my body in such a way as to dislodge the rogue crystals that were causing the vertigo. Maybe look into that if you are laid low by vertigo again!

  3. So look forward to your blog each Friday. I am thankful for friends and family plus great authors like you. So enjoy your books, thank you.

    • Antivert is the brand, Meclizine is the generic name…. there are several brands OTC– go for it..
      hehe, can make you drowsy tho….
      stock up the firewood, I am hoping not having too turn on the a/c this week….
      Micki– your part time groupie..

  4. As usual, you brightened my Friday morning. I can’t imagine how you were able to work on your book while dealing with vertigo. Life has made you a very strong woman. I hope you had a beautiful day with your family. Fingers crossed that you and your new editor work well together.

  5. Hope your children made it. Our SD family did not as their plane was cancelled. With other family and neighbors, we were able to enjoy our dinner and great fellowship. Hope your vertigo stays away for good, but probably won’t.
    Besides family and friends, I am thankful for writers like you. I volunteer in our little library in our retirement community, so have a wonderful selection of books. I believe I have read almost all of yours. We try to keep the series intact. I started with Brady, loved her. Then went to Beaumont and he became my favorite. Then Ali Reynolds. What can I say Love them all. Thanks

  6. I enjoy the smile your blog usually puts on my face. I only say usually because sometimes life isn’t, and you tell it like it is. I usually smile because life has so many interesting wonderful stories, and you tell it likely is! Thanks for the memories, to coin a phrase.

  7. Yes those passed along books do lead to brand new readers!! A friend always bought a couple different authors books when they came out. His wife told me he was looking for a new author so I bagged up a couple of your books for him to read if yours and boy did he get hooked. It’s a race as to who buys your latest book between my husband and him. So now they each have your latest book to read at the same time. And this has be going on for several years now. Happy belated thanksgiving!!

  8. Sorry you had to go through a couple days of Vertigo. I have had it and it scares me a lot even though most people and doctors don’t think its a big deal.
    Mine is caused by pressure in my ears caused by allergies and I also went to a chiropractor who helped me because my Atlas was out of line. Allergy pills, nose spray and a natural allergy tablet helps me. I know several ladies who get this and not very many men, wonder why?
    I hope you did have a good Thanksgiving and will continue to feel good.
    Happy after Thanksgiving Day.

  9. I hope your Thanksgiving with your family was a wonderful one!!! May God send blessings on all of you…Sorry about your vertigo, but glad that it’s gone…Hope you’re able to get back to your 10,000 steps a day very soon.. Love all your books, but especially the J.P. Beaumont series (he’s my favorite of all your characters)…Just finished “Sins of the Fathers”.. This was a fantastic book, filled with the history of J.P. Beaumont and his current life and all the people that were and are a part of his life..Again, blessings on you and your family!!! Keep writing and your fans (of which I am one) will keep on reading!!! God has blessed you with a special gift!

  10. A tornado watch. In Mesa Arizona. How crazy is that? At 4:45 our cell phones sounded the alerts. We’re thinking we’ve only been in one house with a basement here, ever. A closet?
    The passing forward of books works! I’ve garnered 5 new avid readers for you that I’m aware of. You’re welcome. 🙂
    Stay well. Happy day after Thanksgiving.
    We’ve plenty to be thankful for every day and try to remember (and do) for those in need.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving and I’m so glad to hear of your newest manuscript! I’m thankful for you, too, as not only an amazing author of fabulous mysteries, but also as an inspiration to potential authors like me! I hope your vertigo is on its way out and good health is on its way in! God bless you and your family this season and keep them all safe in their travels. <3

  12. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of her readers… you give us SO much enjoyment! Even your blogs are a real treat to read – although I hate you had to endure the vertigo – we learn so much of your personal life. And we love you for it

  13. Vertigo is the worst ailment I ever had (and I hope the past tense turns out to be appropriate). After much trial and error my chiropractor began a program of adjustments that seem to have worked for the last 18 months; before that it was weekly attacks, no driving, and constant stress about when the next attack was coming. So you have my deepest sympathy!

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  14. just finished the newest JP Beaumont. I had missed him. Glad to see he and Mel are doing well. No spoiler but the ending made me cry. A definite sign that I was emotionally into the story. Many thank for another great story.

  15. And now we’re into the holiday season! Here’s wishing you a healthy and joy-filled season. I’ll be waiting for your newest book….and other new ones in 2020.

  16. So sorry about the vertigo. One of my bookies who was supposed to have dinner with you last week came down with it before we left Lacey. She’s snvsvid Jance reader so was horribly disappointed. Like you, she recovered and is driving home from Lake Shasta after Thanksgiving with family. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thdnks again for giving PEO chapter “Y” bookies a chance to visit with you.

  17. I’m glad you are feeling better, and hope your Thanksgiving dinner was everything you hoped for. Mine was quiet with only my sister, her husband and her son. My daughter couldn’t make it, Nor my son, and my husband is hunting on our property in Cornell Michigan. I miss him and will fly home on the 5th. Unfortunately, this will the first time this PNW girl will be toughing it out a Michigan winter…please stand by.
    You continually encourage me to push forward (last nights meltdown excluded) and push through the pain and write. So, when I get to the cabin it will be peddle to the metal as I work on my next novel and continue to.work in my autobiography.
    Life is good and we push through the pain, sadness, depression, rejection and hold out for a smile.,…right!!! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  18. hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the whole day at Disneyland with rain gear on. Who would have thought there would be crowds there on a day that it rained all day? Guess thousands of others had pre-paid their tickets like we did! But we always have fun no matter the weather!

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