Sins of the Fathers, on sale September 24, 2019

Yes, this is the standard new book announcement, but first, and because I’m writing this on 9/11, a moment of remembrance.

On September 9, 2001, at my publisher’s behest, I flew from Seattle to Montreal to do a book signing at a convention of airport managers from all over the world. At noon on September 10, they sat me down at a table on the convention floor where I signed and gave away 300 books. I believe the book in question was Outlaw Mountain, but I don’t remember for sure.

When the signing was over, the publicist threw me into a car and dropped me off at the airport to catch a plane home. The aircraft I was due to take was coming from NYC. That day there had been weather all up and down the east coast, so there had been numerous airport delays. In addition, there had been a fire in the concourse at LaGuardia, so that, too, had slowed things down.

In other words, my departure from Montreal was delayed which meant I arrived in Chicago with only a matter of minutes to make my Seattle connection. I got off the plane with a couple who was also bound for Seattle. We were hot-footing it through the airport terminal when a guy driving a handicapped cart asked us where we were headed. When we told him, he looked at his watch, shook his head, and said, ”You’ll never make it. Climb on.”

So we did. He whipped us through the airport through tunnels and up and down elevators. We arrived at the Seattle-bound gate when all the other passengers had already boarded, but the doors were not yet closed. That plane was one of the last ones out of Chicago that night.

The next morning, Bill and I were supposed to go to Ashland, Oregon to attend the Shakespeare Festival. But our daughter called and said, “You need to turn on the TV.” We did and spent the rest of the day watching in horror as the world changed before our eyes and as planes simply quit flying all over the world.

My 9/11 hero is the caring man who saw people struggling to make their way and who stopped and offered to help. Had it not been for him, I would have been stranded in Chicago on 9/11 with no way to get home.

I have no idea what his name is. I have no way to tell him thank you, but every year I think about him and am very grateful. In time of need, he was a friend indeed!

And now onto the business of the day. Sins of the Fathers, Beaumont # 24, goes on sale on September 24. It’s hard to believe that Beau and I have been author/character for going on three decades now. Agatha Christie ended up despising her Hercule Poirot. That’s not the case for me with J.P. When it’s time to start a Beau book, within a matter of pages, I’m back in his mindset, hearing his voice in my head, chuckling at his many idiosyncrasies, and laughing at his curmudgeonly sense of humor.

In other words, I really enjoyed writing Sins of the Fathers, and I think my fans will enjoy reading it.

The tour schedule is posted on the website, Please do not write to me and ask “Are you coming here?” Go to the website, click on the schedule page, and all will be revealed. Yes, there aren’t nearly the number of Arizona signings as usual. My publisher has me doing Midwest and Florida outreach this time around. And, in case you’re wondering, book tours are set up by people in New York and not by me.

Bookmarks? Yes, there will be bookmarks. Please send your business size SASE to me at:

P.O. Box 766
Bellevue, WA 98009

I sign the bookmarks personally. I’m reasonably sure they won’t be done until after the tour, so please don’t expect yours to arrive by return mail.

See you on the road if the road happens to take me into your neck of the woods.

If not, Happy Reading.


14 thoughts on “Sins of the Fathers, on sale September 24, 2019

  1. 9-11 memories haunt us. I was reminded earlier this week that it is just history for others. A conversation with my 13 year old granddaughter brought this to mind this week. We talked and I told her where different family members were when our world changed. We need to remember and share those memories. Beau, Ali and Joanna are old friends to me. You keep them real because you allow them to grow and change. You never freeze your characters in a certain time in their lives. They live, laugh, love , hurt and change . Thank you for these characters that feel like friends.

  2. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sins of the Fathers. It is hard to believe that this is #24 of JP Beaumont. I still remember the first book I read of yours. Until Proven Guilty had just come out and a friend who worked at the local bookstore recommended it. I was looking for a book and my usual authors did not have anything new out at the time. I bought your book and I was hooked for life!
    I think all of us have memories of 9/11. I am thankful you were able to get home the day before. I was home, getting ready to head to work. My now ex-husband called me and asked if I had the TV on. I can honestly say I was in shock like the rest of the country. After getting into work an elderly employee of ours was not acting right. The hospital was across the street from work and I put him in the car and took him over to the ER. He had a stroke. They wanted to fly him to a hospital in Columbia, SC by chopper but President Bush had just grounded all flights. We went by ambulance instead. So many thoughts of that day going around in my head. That was the beginning of this sweet man’s decline and he eventually passed away 4 months later. I think the realization of what was happening in our country was too much for him.
    I also have to smile when I remember President Bush calling his parents later that day. They had been in Washington the night before and had left that morning for I think Missouri. His mom (Barbara) said they were okay and that they were in a hotel in Milwaukee. He asked her what in the world they were doing in Milwaukee.
    I can imagine her dry humor voice as she said, ” You grounded our plane, son.”
    Prayers for all who lost loved ones and friends that horrible day and for those lost since then due to the toxins inhaled at Ground Zero during rescue and recovery efforts.

  3. It was a beautiful sunny morning in NW CT on September 11, 2001. I had gone to the post office to mail backpacks to my grandchildren. The postmistress was on the phone and didn’t come to the window for a long time. She said, “An airplane hit a building in New York City.” I imagined it was a small plane off course. I listened to the radio driving back home. When I realized what had happened I first called my daughter as my son-in-law sometimes took one of those planes on his way to Korea. He was home that day. I didn’t watch any of it on TV. In fact, this year was the first time I have watched any of the coverage. The piles of debris were unbelievable. It is hard to think about what happened, but we can’t forget.

    I’m glad there is a new Beau book. He’s my favorite.

  4. I have read all of the J.A. Jance books up until 2016 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I spent the rest of my time taking care of him until he died. I know I missed several books that came out during that time and am wanting to find what the books were and to get them and read them.

    I went to the book store on two different occasions and asked for them and I was given books that in fact were older and once I had already read.

    Does anyone have a list of all the J.A. Jance books that were released during this time frame? Want to get all of them. Thanks for your help.

    • There are lists for each series with dates of publication on the website You’ve missed some great books. Enjoy!!

    • Ronda, I have most of the Beau books in paperback. Have a few hard covers, but I prefer the paperbacks as they are easier to hold while reading bed. When I first started reading the books about him I made a list and made a note of when I read a book and if I got it from the library or bought it.

      This summer I went to the beginning a read most of the books featuring him. My favorite is “Birds of Prey’ where he goes on a cruise to Alaska.

  5. My daughter had flown to New Jersey in July. To do this, she had therapy to overcome her anxiety. She called me the morning of 9/11. A plane had gone into the WTC. I remembered reading about a small one hitting the Empire State Bldg decades before. I was retired, sleeping in. Groggily flipped on the coffeemaker, turned on the small TV in the kitchen just in time to see the second plane head in. My son-in-law was in Denver. Watching the the day’s horrors, I figured my daughter would never fly again. She surprised us all.

    Of the many things I saw and read about, the Canadian communities who took in the passengers and crews of the diverted planes amazed me. Housing, food, etc. They achieved the impossible.

    Good news. My sil drove his rental car home. My brother’s neighbor was not on his usual flight out of NY. His had been diverted to Canada. A new adventure of Beau. It has been on order for some time and I just received delivery info. Best of everything on your tours.

  6. Love all your book series! Write as long as you are able. Thanks, Steve Rehaume, Longview, Washington police sergeant retired.

  7. “chuckling at his many idiosyncrasies, and laughing at his curmudgeonly sense of humor.” Ok, this comment makes me want to read this new JPB book, whereas I’ve not been able to “get into” previous ones. Maybe now that he’s older, as am I, I’ll enjoy him as I do Joanne, and Ali.

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