I Was Wrong

A miracle just happened. Today I was down walking by the pond, and guess what? Not only does the Big Guy still exist, so does his very large pal, Big Orange. I don’t know how or where they’ve been hiding, but they have. And now, with all due respect to Andy Griffith, I believe I will have another Big Orange.

26 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. Good news! We have a large Koi pond and I must say the Blue Heron is very impressive, isn’t it? The first couple of years it swooped low over the pond and stood wherever it felt like – on the patio next to the pond, or across the pond right next to the fake Heron placed there to scare him. He learned to avoid the water spray and anything else. Fortunately the pond is deep so he wasn’t able to get many fish and then he apparently found easier, better pickings somewhere else (as my grandma would say, knock on wood!).

  2. Thanks for the update on the Koi. I was saddened by last weeks news. Good news.

    Thank you for the information about the Bisbee 17. It is going to be shown at our Green Valley Library. Headed to Northern California and will miss the library but recording it tonight on PBS so we will see it when we return home.

    Thank you, Vivian

  3. You have some intelligent fish with strong self-preservation skills. I’ll raise a big orange along with you to toast the longevity of your yard pets.

  4. Funny how universal the emotions………the minute I had read the words ” The Heron won”, I had a sense of loss, And now I feel better. For all of us

  5. That’s the best news this week good heaven that’s the best news for the year.
    Well done to the big guy and Me Orange

  6. What wonderful news! Now I hope the heron won’t be back . He probably figures Big Guy is gone and has found another pond.

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