April 2013 to March 2019

That sad day came, and we had to let you go.

You were the dog of Colt’s heart, and I will always remember watching the two of you fall in love when you first saw each other.

You were so loved.  Our lives were better having you be part of our family.  You were the puppy that Snowflake got to keep.

We cry now because you left a giant hole in our hearts.  Someday we will be past the tears and will laugh and smile as we walk down a memory lane paved with Stormy Girl stories.

You were a special gift of puppy love in a giant package.  You left giant paw prints on our hearts forever.

We love you Stormy Girl.  We will see you again.  Wait for us, just as you waited that day.  We will come for you, because you will always be our Stormy Girl.


Colt, Mommy, and Snowflake

Stormy Girl, Rambo, Lucy

36 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. I’m so sorry and I feel your pain having been there. What a beautiful girl she is!! I too am waiting til I cross that rainbow bridge to see my fur babies again! Prayers for your comfort are going up.

  2. It is so hard to lose a pet. They are a large part of your life. While it is hard to say goodbye, I wouldn’t give up any of the years spent with my pets. Walter and I are thinking of you and your husband.

  3. Our fur babies will live on forever in our hearts and with our many photos and we know that someday we will be with them again. We will always miss their love.

  4. Such a beautiful, heartfelt remembrance of a well- and deeply loved member of your family. I can feel your pain and it hurts so much. So very sorry for the loss of your Stormy Girl. She lives on in your heart.

  5. My heart aches for you. I know it is so hard when we lose one of our fur babies. May the good times remain in your heart.

  6. I am so sorry. I hope Stormy says hello to our handsome black lab, Shadow after crossing over Rainbow Bridge. I like to believe that our loving pets will be waiting for us at the end of our lives. Again, my sincere condolences.

  7. So sorry for the loss of your furbaby! Sending prayers for comfort and remembrance that your beautiful puppy will always be in your heart! Hugs!!

  8. So very sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Its the deepest pain to let our precious furbabies go.
    May memories warm your heart and ease your grief

  9. My family and I were blessed with a Dalmatian named Chopper. My boys were little and had a fear of dogs so my husband brought him home in hopes that they would love him and get over their fear. For 14 years he blessed our life but passed away from cancer in 2008. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss him and think of him. He brought such a joy to our lives. I will never own another dog because once you have the best why bother. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

  10. Since I only adopt senior kitties, I lose more fur babies than most. But it’s truly a wonderful thing to have these guys and gals in my life and to be able to give them a safe and secure retirement life. I truly get more than I give…or at least it feels that way. So very sorry for your family’s loss. So sad.

  11. Judy …so sorry to hear of Stormy’s passing away. Just think there will be extra paws romping in doggy heaven. Our pets do leave paw prints on our heart. Just think of all those wonderful memories you were able to make and hold close to you forever.
    Sounds like you need a beach day so that you can throw pebbles into crashing waves while you shed tears of joy that Stormy now has no pain and suffering.
    Warm hugs my friend…

  12. So sorry that you are again facing that time. The fill our hearts with love. I won’t say the other part; you know both well. Thank you for sharing your beloved

  13. It’s always so hard to say farewell to a part of the family (yes a true family member) that gave pure and unconditional love. My wish for you is to remember the fun times. It really does help. It doesn’t stop the tears though. I certainly know that.

    Big hugs.

  14. I am so sorry for your loss of Stormy. I know how you are feeling, we lost our Sammy four years ago and still miss him and talk about him almost every day. Remember all the good times and enjoy those memories.

  15. . . . aawh , Stormy Girl is being welcomed~like~a Princess by
    our “Miss D_o_g 91502” at the
    Rainbow Bridge = seems there
    are lots of fellas.up.there and
    she has eagerly waited to lavish
    nestles \ high 5 paws \ girlie.loun-
    gin’ funnn ! [ Am not sure how
    to .jepg here = maybe my intro
    _thumbnail already shows her :

    28th.March.2019 Miss.Pam.J

  16. We had our Ashes for 23 years. She grew up with our daughters. Never easy to say goodbye. Love and comforting wishes for those she left behind.

  17. Dear Jeanne T and Colt,
    To paraphrase, “You are the persons Stormy thought you were.”
    All she asked was to be loved by you and you gave that to her–you were fortunate to have each other.
    Take care of yourselves.

  18. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your loss of your beloved Stormy. Our fur babies become a part of the family so I know how painful it is to lose one

    In my thoughts and prayers!

  19. I am sorry for your loss. It is difficult losing our fur babies. Sending prayers for you during this time.

  20. I just finished reading Proof of Life and your love for your fur-baby shines through in the introduction of Rambo/Lucy. She’s a wonderful addition to the series and I look forward to meeting up again with all 3 characters in the next Beau/Mel/Lucy book

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