Getting Older and Maybe Better

Today is not a good day for writing, whether it’s writing a book or a blog.

Tomorrow Bill will undergo back fusion surgery.  He’s hung in for a long time, dealing with chronic pain that has only gotten worse over time.  When he said the word “fusion” to me a month ago, I almost fell out of my chair.

So he’s done the tests; done the scans.  As one of the X-ray techs said, “Boy, you have a really bad back!”

Knowing about Tiger Woods’ back surgery issues, we watched his amazing win of the US Open with a good deal of amazement.  It gave us hope.

Tomorrow’s the big day.  We’re worried.  We’re hopeful.  We’re scared.

I know we’ll be in many people’s thoughts and prayers, and we’re thanking you for those in advance.

Keep the faith!


A post-op PS:

The surgery is over.  The surgeon says it went well.  Bill says it went well.  He can move his toes for the first time since … well .. 1985!  Did I mention that he is stubborn?

This afternoon he talked a blue streak.  He ate seared salmon and green beans for dinner.  Red J-E-L-L-O for dessert.  He says his pain is at level 1.  On a scale of one to ten it’s been approximately 15 for years.

I’m home.  I’m tired.  I’m grateful for everything—for the surgeons, the nurses, and for the two good daughters who were there with me for every minute all day long.

I am truly blessed..


PPS:  For those of you who have followed my shoulder saga for the past three months, here’s an update.  For the past three days it hasn’t hurt!  It feels so good to feel better.