A Friend in Need – Postscript

Loretta sent me a note:

What appeared on the 1st mammogram was a scare and concern. Thankfully with new science and technology, the 2nd mammogram taken from different angles and an ultrasound showed the suspect mass to be radiation after effects and surgery/trauma scar tissue.

Whew!  To quote the old Red Green show, Keep your stick on the ice.  We’re all in this together.

19 thoughts on “A Friend in Need – Postscript

  1. Who is to say that this was not God’s miracle for Loretta.
    It definitely allowed many of us to pray for someone we only know as your friend! I will continue to pray that Loretta remain free from cancer and she is able to enjoy life as she chooses.

  2. So very happy to hear this. I’m due for a follow up ultrasound myself due to a suspicious mammogram finding. It’s encouraging for me and great mews for your friend

  3. This is really off topic, but I have to post it after learning about the death of Burt Reynolds.

    I had a copy of that Cosmopolitan magazine that had the centerfold of him in his birthday suit. Unfortunately the magazine got mixed up with some others and I threw it away by mistake. It might be worth a bit now.

  4. So, so happy for Loretta that it turned out to be not a worry! Prayers do work. My oldest daughter recently had a positive breast biopsy. We are still having tests, gathering info and prepping a game plan. We are both women of faith and will keep moving forward on this journey. Thoughts and prayers gratefully appreciated!

  5. That was a very quick answer to prayer! Loretta is many times blessed. . . in her faith, in her kids, and in having a friend like you, Judith Jance. I’ll keep on praying, for her, and for you, in your shoulder travail–that the steps forward far outnumber the steps back.

  6. So very glad to get the good news about your friend. I had just finished praying about her situation when I got to your updated message. Now I’m happy!

  7. People who don’t believe in prayers well really!!!! They work! So so happy for you and your friend! God is good!!! Doesn’t this type of thing make the fact a hotel in NYC has no breakfast seem so so trivial? Just saying !!!

  8. I had just read Loretta’s part one, knocked out some of those
    “thoughts and prayers” of which you wrote before reading on to part two.

    I couldn’t help but think dang those prayers worked so fast….

    Continued good news of your friend.

  9. Yay Loretta. Three years and two weeks ago I had a double mastectomy. My mom died of metastatic breast cancer. One of her sisters and her mom also
    had breast cancer as have 4 of my 5 female cousins, but they did not die as a result. I had a baseline mammogram at age 30 and one every year. At age 69 a routine mamogram noted a growth which was malignant. I opted for radical surgery and reconstruction. I think most survivors worry that it will come back or appear elsewhere. I really think survivor is is a misnomer, I actually prefer to say I am cancer free, as far as I know.

  10. Thank goodness! Shed a bucket of tears last week for John McCain. Good, decent man. Not my politics but that does not matter. My parents knew him. It was a full week of mourning. Everyday one service or another.
    Ordered your book from Amazon. Costco in Prescott but not feelin the drive!
    Wish you the best always and love the blog!
    Kathie ?

  11. Thanks be to God for this wonderful news for Loretta. Will continue praying for your shoulder. Have had both of mine replaced and it is not a lot of fun.
    Yes prayer does work, just that sometimes we don’t understand the answers.
    Keep up writing wonderful books about people that we have grown to love!

  12. I often wonder why there has not been a cure for cancer discovered. It has been around for many years. You’d think someone would have found the cause and found a cure by now. I’ve lost several woman friends who had breast cancer return. It shouldn’t happen.

  13. I prayed for Loretta before I saw the postscript. So I’m going to believe she was touched by God. And all because her friend (you ) cared to share her with us.

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