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It is late Thursday afternoon. I’ve spent the day wrestling with the A-List.  

In the course of the last week or so we’ve found a number of deceased animals on our property—a dying rat (good riddance to him!)  Two days ago, Jojo came trotting up from the back yard carrying a dead squirrel half as big as she is.  This morning our property manager found a dying rabbit.  

I write murder mysteries.  Is it possible someone is tossing out poison?  Are Mary and Jojo at risk?  I tried contacting Game and Fish.  No response.

So today, when the dogs went out into the yard, I went along with them.  They disappeared into the brush at the back of the pond, and I went after them.

There are stairs in our backyard—lots of them.  I always warn visitors not to look at the sights until they are done with the steps.  Did I bother to heed my own advice on this occasion?   No, I did not.  I was busy looking for dogs in bushes.  I tripped on one step and landed with both knees on the next one up.

I’ve been gradually regaining some range of movement in my right shoulder—due in large measure to help from Dan Kritsonis, our personal trainer.  I’ve also been blessed with some long distance coaching from one of my fans—Doranne Long, a physical therapist from Grants Pass, Oregon, and the author of Your Body Book,

Fortunately for me, I fell on my left side rather than my right, and I did no damage to my right wrist, arm, or hand, due to landing on the soft earth of a very recently dug mole hole.  (Obviously the moles are NOT being poisoned!)

Thanks again to Dan, I didn’t have haul out my phone and call Bill to deliver those dreaded Baby Boomer words, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  Because I could get up and did get up.  I limped back inside and have been icing my knees ever since with one of them bruised just above the knee cap and the other just below.

So this is how my Thursday has been.  A few bumps in the in the road, but hey.  I’m on the right side of the grass.

Have a good one.

14 thoughts on “An Up and Down Blog

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your fall but glad everything is OK–or as good as can be at our ages.

    Thanks for the rec of the Long title. I’ve been battling bursitis for the past five months (a younger friend said “Isn’t that an old person’s disease?”, and no, I didn’t smack her) and am on the mend thanks to my chiropractor but could use more advice.

    BTW, LOVED Field of Bones.


  2. Thankfully you seem to have not broken anything. I just cringed when I read the knee landing. OMG I can feel the pain. We seniors don’t bounce well. Take care, it sounds as though you are in good hands.
    PS I love these Friday writings…you are still amazing! Thank you Judy.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your fall! But glad to know you are on the mend. I do hope no one is putting poison out near your property. If this were one of your books, you’d be next!

    I just finished Downfall, Book 17 of the Joanna Brady series and I’m pretty sure the murder rate per capita in Bisbee and the surrounding area exceeds that of Chicago. No one is safe there! I’m looking forward the Field of Bones when it’s released in just a few more days!

  4. Thank goodness, no cast or brace screaming for attention and explanation. And for that chain of events that led to your FitBit use and restored health.

  5. Be careful out there. Feel better!! Reading last Beaumont book you wrote – love the dog/J.P. story. Can’t wait for Field of Bones!!

  6. I am very thankful you will be okay. In January I had a total knee replacement and when I read you landed on my knees, I felt the pain. Please be careful. The thought of even kneeling on my knee makes me want to scream!
    Stopped reading Duel to the Death to catch up on my emails and I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Field of Bones.
    I know you are having shoulder issues, making signing difficult, but I was wondering if you were going to have bookmakers for your last two books.
    Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your recovery with your shoulder and also your fall.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you will be healed very soon. When you are out and about again, please, watch those steps. I am sorry, also, for all the dead animals you’ve had on your property. I hope they were not poisoned but died a natural death. Be sure to watch out for your dogs, just in case.

  8. Oh my goodness. My knees hurt just reading this. I fell several years ago and landed knees first on the parking lot at my apartment complex. I had to wear a brace for a month in the Texas summer heat. Take care of yourself.

  9. Thinking of you and so thankful you have a personal trainer to help you keep mobile. I do silver sneakers, swim aerobics as well as stuff retch classes up north and add yoga and Zumba down South. Only way to survive the up coming years in my book. Two knee replacements and have had an injured left shoulder so I can sympathize or empathize. Pray you’ll have relief soon. Will miss you in Yuma this fall.

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