A Change in the Weather

Today at mid-morning we’re sitting out on the back porch, looking down at the greenery of the garden and relishing the end of our mini heatwave—a week of temperatures where the thermometer went all the way up to … wait for it … 95.  Even as I wrote those words, I felt guilty about it because I know that many of my readers, fans, and relatives are suffering.

People in northern California are staring into the eye of towering infernos. They’re having to leave their homes with five minutes of warning and the clothes on their backs.  The devastation to people, livestock, pets, and wildlife are unimaginable.

Yesterday in Phoenix, there were 74 mph winds along with dust and rain.  The storm took out trees and power lines and left a hundred thousand people without power in the face of one-hundred degree temps.

Please know that while I’m sitting here in this little haven of beneficent weather, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with those of you who aren’t.

Stay safe.