Take Two Aspirin and Call Me In the Morning

A couple of years ago, when the family was in Vegas, I bought a group of tickets so fifteen or so of us could go see the Blue Man Group. In the warm up before the show, the announcer called out various members of the audience.  Judith Jance was singled out as having a headache. I guess buying that many tickets at once got someone’s attention, and the skit they built around it was hilarious.

This isn’t hilarious. I don’t have a headache today—I have a cold—a coughing, hacking, nose-blowing, eye-watering cold. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did have my flu shot.  Bill has come down with it, too.  It’s bad enough that we’ve canceled this week’s workouts with our trainer and also, so far, this week’s steps.  I tried walking yesterday and was so shockingly out of breath that I stopped after only a couple of laps.
In other words, I’m sick.  So don’t expect me to be witty, or bright, or fun today.  I have a feeling all those things people expect to find in my blog on Friday mornings just won’t be there.  Being sick and being witty at the same time simply don’t compute.  So what I’m doing instead is passing along a nugget of writerly news.
I’m working on the next Joanna Brady book now, number 18.  I can tell you that very early on in this book Joanna has her baby.  When her son Dennis was born, she was pregnant for three books, and that was WAY too long.  So the new baby has a name, Eleanor Sage, and as of yesterday, so does the book. I had come up with what I thought was a brilliant title, and it was.  When I proposed it to my editor, however, I was told I that they are publishing another book with that same title in May.  So nope, back to the title-making drawing boards.
And here’s what I came up with–Field of Bones. I have it on good authority that the art department is already working on a cover design.
That means the deadline is actively ticking, so sick or not, I’d better get back to work.

30 thoughts on “Take Two Aspirin and Call Me In the Morning

  1. Thanks…always enjoy your posts…I too have the cold…so can relate…excited to learn about your new book..will be looking for it! Take care & give yourself some “rest time.”

  2. So happy to hear about the Joanna Brady book-my favorite of your book series. At one time, we lived in Sierra Vista and, reading one of your Brady books takes me right back there. In my opinion, you should write new Brady books more often. Can’t wait. We have been with Joanna from day one and feel as if she is “family”!

  3. Please go see your doctor, both of you! I too had a “cold” and spent 4 days in the hospital the first of January because it was a version of the flu. Don’t take any chances thinking it’s just a cold.

  4. Awesome! I am so excited! The Joanna Brady Series is my favorite..probably because of the Law Enforcement piece and living in Arizona. I can relate to all of it. Praying you and hubby feel better soon and have fun writing! Sincerely, Reba

  5. Get well soon. I’m in the final stages of the same illness. I became sick on the 10th. Up and down. Yuck. Loved your last JP book. JP is my favorite character and story line. Since I’m a retired Longview Police sergeant I love reading about Washington state. Can not wait for another Brady book.

  6. I haven’t gotten sick yet thus winter but I sympathize. Please drink some tea with lemon and honey. That was my mom’s cure. I love that you have a new Joanna Brady book coming out! Get well!

  7. Please get your doctor’s opinion. I have had this recently, but better. After Christmas I has a cold that left me weak and eventually dehydrated, etc. A fib arrythmia set in and my daughter decided I needed the hospital. Good thing. Surprised I didn’t have pneumonia. 4 days and a week in rehab to get my strength back. Turning 80 next week and my first unplanned trip to hospital. I have a PT and visiting nurse. BP fluctuates. Never know.

    Looking foward to the Brady novel. Tell the publishers you have been successful enough that you are the boss! Take care of yourself!

  8. Sorry you are sick: we also had this awful “crud”….you will get better: and looking forward to the Field of Bones! I marvel that you just keep creating good stories…and always dive into one of your new books with great joy!

  9. I have got to agree with everyone about seeing your doctor. I was tested when I came down with a super nasty “cold”. Not the flu. However, I don’t think I’ve been that sick in a good 40 years. I was in bed (and thought I’d die) for 11 days. I probably should have been in the hospital. I don’t exactly know what it was, but I sure don’t ever want it again. Once I was put on antibiotics, I felt better in a hurry. Please….see your doctor.

  10. Sorry you are “under the weather” as they say — whoever they are. Just go for the chicken soup and you’ll feel better soon.

  11. Please stop getting flu shots! They are full of mercury, aluminium, and other toxic stuff. Keep track of how breathless you are, serious respiratory crud going around. Good news on the book! Realized the other day most of my favorite authors are my age, 65, or older which kind of boggled my mind and set me back when I realized I’ve been reading their books 40+ years! I finally tracked a Silhouette Desire book down when I located the authors alter ego. I remember story lines better than author names and hope to replace some of the paperbacks I had to get rid of with ebooks if possible. Feel better.

  12. Just got over that! Praying that you both feel better fast! Looking forward to the next Joanna Brady – she’s my favorite, even though we’re not supposed to love one child more than another…

  13. Sorry to hear you are sick. My wife and I had what you are describing during the 1st week of January. Unfortunately the aftermath is a long as the sick part. Good luck weathering this.

  14. Sending good wishes for a fast and complete recovery for both you and Bill. Sure looking forward to the new book. Naming the baby Eleanor Sage is perfect. Don’t work too hard until you are fit as a fiddle!!

  15. I really enjoy your blog. I hope you and Bill are feeling better soon but don’t take any chances if it doesn’t go away get to the doctor too much of the flu turns into pneumonia take care take a break and God bless…Jan

  16. Bless your heart, my husband has been sick for about ten weeks with this flu and we got our flu shots also. When Will you have another Beau orali book out? Love them, you can’t write fast enough!!! Get well soon!!!

  17. Seems you were also sick not that long ago, as I recall? It’s time to be a hermit during flu & cold season! I have been home a lot this fall/winter trying to avoid this crud. Rely on antibacterial wipes, Airborne, and hand washing when I have to venture out. Make the antibiotic tea by the pan/pot full, lots of chopped garlic, chopped fresh ginger and honey. Drink a lot of it. It actually tastes pretty darn good, and well, it certainly can’t hurt you. Get well, please, both of you.

  18. I am so sorry you are now feeling well. Hope you are better very soon. Still, as always, enjoyed your blog.

    Best wishes,

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