A Non-Blog Blog

Dear Readers,

This is J.A. Jance taking a sick day. It’s nothing serious. I have a cold. I didn’t do the workout with our trainer today. I’ve canceled tomorrow’s dental appointment. I’m not trying to do my steps. I’m not going to like seeing that red blot on my otherwise green walking record, but that’s the way it is.

I’m finishing a book. I’m on the banana peel of the current story, and pulling my stuffy head out of the action long enough to put together a complete blog is just not happening.

I’m drinking tea. I’m sitting next to a glowing fireplace. I have a dog cuddled up next to my thigh.

Please forgive. I’ll be back next week, and if you don’t know about me and banana peels, remind me. Maybe that would be a good starting place for next week.