Leaving Cork

I just came in from finishing my steps on the jogging track up on Deck 9.  While I was up there, walking under overcast skies, in sixty-degree weather, and against a brisk headwind, it occurred to me that it was Wednesday and I needed to write the blog.  It also occurred to me that by the time this is posted, I’ll be back in Seattle where it will most likely be the dead of summer and walking will need to be done either very early or else very late.

In a few minutes’ time we’ll be sailing away from the dock in the Port of Cork. It turns out this is the same dock from which the Titanic sailed in 1912.  On the far side of the dock is a billboard sized memorial marking the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s departure. The memorial contains two pictures—one is a drawing of the doomed ship and while the other, a reproduction of an old photograph, shows some of the passengers waiting on the dock for what they no doubt expected to be the journey of their lifetimes.  And for most of it became the final journey of their lifetimes.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about as we travel is that these parts of the world are the places that most of our forebears left behind when the went to the New World in hopes of better lives and better futures for themselves and their children. There’s a shared history and a shared destiny here that has been in my heart and mind as we travel in turbulent times.

I’ve heard from my editor.  She likes what she sees in Proof of Life.  DEEP SIGH OF RELIEF HERE!!  But she also wants a Beaumont novella, and she wants it sooner than later, so my pleasure reading has come to a halt and I’m back at work—cruising and working.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m a woman.  That means I can do more than one thing at the same time!

11 thoughts on “Leaving Cork

  1. I love your last sentence. Ir is really true.

    My ancestors left Sweden in the 1860’s because they wanted land of their own and they found it in Iowa. A few have gone back to visit the old country, but most never did. I don’t think I could be so brave.

    Interesting about the Titanic. That is such a sad story.

  2. When will you be writing a new Joanna Brady book?? I am an Arizona Ranger in Arizona and lived in Tucson for years and now in the White Mountains and can relate and love that series. Take care, thank you!!

  3. I would never think of Seattle as to warm to walk at anytime of day. I have a very hard time getting warm when I am there. Now, if you lived in the Tri-Cities, I would understand.
    I love all your books and hope you have many more years of writing.

    Best to you,
    Mary Blomberg

  4. Oh what fun your having, YES Seattle is BEAUTIFUL but wait 5 minutes and that will change.. lol….A novella on Beau would be WONDERFUL. I have missed him. We were transferred to Washington State when we were first married. It was hard to leave family and our Beloved Hometowns. We were only one days drive from home can you imagine leaving your country, family,jobs? Rhodes were the real hero’s… Jan

  5. What an ambassador for the U.S.! We need your representation.
    Not to worry about Seattle heat. Enjoying gradual warming and beautiful rhoddies, peonies and tiger lilies.
    Anticipating Beau novella. Light bulb just went on for Beau since the fam is celebrating my daughter’s 50th this Monday – we’ll be at the newly remodeled Pink Door for dinner and the burlesque trapeze show. Just saying…Beau might take a walk to Pike Alley.
    Enjoy the cruise Me. Ambassador.

  6. Was in Seattle in summer-warm warm! However summer means rereading your books!! Enjoy them again and again! Novellas-not so much so just tell your editor you have a novel to write! Glad you are having a nice vacation because you certainly deserve some time away from your work! Again, thank you for your dedication which brings us hours of pleasure!!!

  7. I love all your books. I am a transplant from my native CA, the death of my husband caused me to move to Sierra Vista, AZ so that I could afford the lifestyle. It was such a change, I knew no one and my family was still in CA.
    Your books helped me to learn about the area and the surrounding towns. I spent the whole summer reading everything you had written, I have to tell you that you truly helped me get on with my life! Thank you and please keep writing!

  8. Thank you for all the novels that you have written and shared with us your devoted fans.
    Moving from my native CA 2 years after the death of my husband , your books helped me get to know the area that I had chosen to live. I had no family or friends in my town and I spent the summer and fall getting to know the towns by reading your novels.
    Please continue to keep writing for all of us your devoted fans.

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