Vacation Update

It’s Wednesday afternoon.  We’re in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It’s overcast and cloudy with a bit or rain now and then.  In fact, it’s downright chilly if you’re outside sitting rather than walking.

But right now we’re inside—in our very comfy suite on board the Silver Whisper.  We’ve avoided watching the news.  The heartache of all those people in Manchester is more than we want to handle, so we’ve tuned our radio to a classical station, and that’s where it’s staying.
You—along with our kids—may have noticed that we’re not exactly firing off regular travelogues.  Sending out written reports on traveling is too much like … well … writing.  Since writing is work and since I’m on vacation, there you go.
I told you early on that ,as far as I’m concerned, vacations are all about reading.  So far I’ve read four and a half books.  Bill is at 5.2, but I have every intention of catching up.
In other words, later, gator!

9 thoughts on “Vacation Update

  1. I have preordered Proof of Life. I was not aware J.P. is 72 years old. Love is ageless. I have told my husband (we are both 70) how much I love this fictional man. You have a great vacation. Rest up and read more. My husband and I will be in the Seattle area for a couple of days early August. We are staying on Herron Island. Finishing my quest to visit all 50 states. I set this goal when I was in 8th grade. Washington and North Dakota will complete my list.

  2. Good Luck on your reading. I would pass on a wonderful author who writes great books but she is on a cruise ship hopfully having a wonderful time. Turning off the news is a great Idea. He a wonderful time..Jan

  3. I loved Edinburgh. Walked everywhere! Robert lewis Stevenson home (one of them), Scott, etc. Castle looming over the town. Enjoy, Many of us have turned off the news and pulled out the library books.

    May you have better weather ahead although what you describe seems appropriate for Scotland.

  4. Have a good time and read read read
    Your reader who has visited all fifty states
    I missed North Dakota also
    Hawaii Alaska
    When my son lived in California and then Seattle always meant to hit Oregon!!!
    Four states have evaded me and I am content !!
    I enjoy your blogs about your writing and traveling!!! I enjoy reading your readers’ comments also!!!!

  5. Whatever you feel like writing is fine with me. Today I had to write a rather tiresome work report, it started getting convoluted and jargon-y and I thought of your clarity and concision (on infinitely more fun topics, mind you) and re-did the whole thing. Now I like it better….


  6. Completely off the subject but I wanted you to know howI cried when Allie took Leland brooks to the airport in man overboard. He was a wonderful sweet character.

  7. So glad you’re treating yourself well and enjoying your vacation! You deserve it. I have enjoyed all I have read of your writings and still have a long way to go! Thanks for all you have written! Please enjoy your time to read!

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