Two Years and Counting

The third week in April is when we usually schedule our annual physicals, and this week was no exception.  We went, we saw, we conquered.  We got on the scale with nary a moment’s hesitation, because the seventy pounds I used to wear around my hips are still gone.  The fifty pounds Bill used to wear are gone, too.

It’s two years ago this week when Dr. Bliss told us to get moving or else, and the or elses—including the very real possibility of Bill’s ending up in an electric cart—were utterly terrifying.

And so began our “10,000 step journey,” one that I’ve chronicled in this blog.  I did it originally as a way of keeping ourselves honest.  If we stopped walking—if we reversed our weight loss efforts—not only would we know, so would all of my readers.  What I didn’t expect was that so many of those selfsame readers would also climb aboard the step-train.  By the way, just this week I read an article from Science Daily that says the act of taking steps actually increases the blood flow to the brain.  In case you’re interested, here’s the link:

Bill and Judy looking slim and trim.

Photo courtesy of Adina Hicks

We’re still walking.  I generally walk five miles a day; Bill walks three.  (Hey he’s older than I am and has a bad back. Besides three miles and turn out to be two and a half more miles a day than he used to walk!)  We have a trainer who comes to the house twice a week who has helped us with balance and strength issues.  (Guess what? When I hit a golf ball these days, I can send it a very long way.  Maybe not in the right direction still, but a lot farther than I used to.)  He’s also given us the necessary skills so that if and when we do fall—which does happen to even the best of us—we can and do get up—in the middle of a room, without having to climb up a piece of furniture.

And we’ve adjusted our food intake.  We eat less.  I can tell you that, in the past two years, I’ve eaten more salad than I previously consumed in my whole lifetime.  But they’re interesting salads, not just shredded iceberg lettuce with Miracle Whip on it.  (My mother’s fav!)  We do not keep potatoes in the house.  We do not keep bread in the house.  We do not keep breakfast cereal in the house.  Occasionally we’ll have a celebratory breakfast of waffles or pancakes, but those are rare.  So are dishes of oatmeal.  Breakfasts are usually some kind of eggs.  In Tucson we ate grapefruit from our backyard tree with our breakfast eggs.  In Seattle we often have berries and cream as our fruit.  By the way, the cream doesn’t kill you.  It’s the carbs!

When I was in the life insurance business, my agency manager was a fellow by the name of Gilbert F. Lawson.  He had two stock sayings that he pulled out at agency meetings: 1.  Know the score, keep the score, report the score. The score will improve.  2. Results are the final judge.

We’ve been keeping score and reporting the score for two years now.  As for results?  See the photo below which was taken at an event last weekend.

I believe the results speak for themselves!  And for those of you who have joined up?  Feel free to pass along news of your own journeys.  We can all cheer each other along the way.

18 thoughts on “Two Years and Counting

  1. You both are an inspiration! I applaud you and your commitment to good health. I shall now go for a walk, a long walk, before the heat sets in.

  2. I can really see a difference in the photo. You both have a lot to be proud of. I’m hoping to see some cruise photos soon. Bill wearing the red tie, of course.

  3. I meant to add that my Mom had the same idea about salad as yours. It may have something to do with the Midwest. A salad at our house was usually a piece of Jell-O on top of shredded iceberg lettuce with a glob of Miracle Whip on top.

  4. Huzzah! Ms. Jance, you’re an inspiration. I’m 54 and a writer (as yet unpublished, but working on it), and I think of your example as I set my phone timer to get me out of my desk chair and walking every 30 minutes. How great to hear that I’m also benefiting my brain. I’ve passed this on to our online writing group of health-conscious writers. What a lovely photo of the two of you! Write on.

  5. You both look wonderful! So glad you are doing well, not just for your own sake, but because we want to keep reading your amazing books. I haven’t been counting my steps, but I do walk the dog every morning and get around the house and elsewhere as much as possible. Not certain I’ll ever be able to get off the floor without holding onto something – a bad knee doesn’t help. Had a scare when I fell, walking in the desert near Bisbee; there was nothing to grab onto! Had to call 911 to avoid the coyotes and javelina. I’m walking more and carry my phone even in the neighborhood.

    PS I work one day a week in a shop on Main Street in Bisbee. We have many of your books displayed outside, and lately folks have said they’ve come to Bisbee because of your books. They want to see where you grew up and where Joanna Brady lives. What a testament to your writing skills!

  6. Looking good. Nice note to remind everyone what just walking and of course a better diet can do.

    I love grapefruit. Growing up in SoCal, someone always had a tree. Unfortunately using statin and cannot have it anymore!! Congratulations on your good physicals.

  7. By any chance do either of you have knee or replacements? Ever since I had my faux knees, I cannot get up off the ground so I am interested in your trainer helping with that.

  8. Your picture is BEAUTIFUL. I am so proud of you and Bill. I tell your story to anyone who will listen. I have one FAKE Hip, hoping for #2 soon.
    Loved your last book, I was sad in some parts laughing in others just as I usually do when I read one of their books.
    Has Joanne had her baby? When is JP coming back??? .. lots of questions. Maybe next blogs you could answer some … Have a great week …Jan

  9. Very happy for you and Bill! Ted lost 89 pounds due to chronic pancreatitis…not very pleasant. Thought he might die at one point. He’s stable now – thank God! My PCP switched my diabetes medication and I’ve lost 26 pounds! Wouldn’t mind a few more! You were always beautiful in my eyes, and still are, weight loss or not.

  10. I want a big reader until my mom introduced me to JP Beaumont. I found Ali Reynolds and Joanna Brady on my own. I really enjoy your writing. When I read your blog I hear it in Ali Reynolds voice. Thank you for your work and good luck with your health and wellness. I too have worked really hard to lose weight. Some days are better than others. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  11. You two are such a encouraging testimony to living healthy and you can teach an old dog new tricks. This old dog (74) will have to depend on the ScienceDaily and not a trainer. I’m also thinking of referring a copy of the SCIENCE Daily to our Commander in Chief.
    P.s. I enjoyed visiting with you at Bonney Lake. I’m catching up on your older Joanna books and reading Down Fall while visiting in Flagstaff during granddaughter Claire’s graduation from NAU. After getting her Hospitality &Hotel Managenent degree the Seattle girl is off to try out her skills at the River Rock 5* luxury ranch in Phillipsburg, MT equipped with her new author J A Jance books.

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