Happy Fourth of July

Back when George H.W. Bush was running for president, there was a huge media flap when a reporter asked him how much a gallon of milk cost, and he had no idea.  Guess what?  I’m in that same boat.  If you asked me the price of a gallon of milk right now, I’d be completely out of my depth.

Let’s be clear here, I understand that I am incredibly spoiled and pampered. I no longer do regular grocery shopping. I make up a list, hand it over, and the next thing I know whatever I ordered has not only shown up in the kitchen, it’s been unpacked and put away in the fridge or cupboard.  A number of weeks ago, I met a woman who said, “I used to run into you in QFC.  Have you stopped shopping there?” The truth is, I’ve stopped shopping pretty much everywhere.

With rare exceptions. When it’s time to fix that turkey dinner for Thanksgiving or serve up the ham for Lil Jul Aften, then I go to the store, because  I know I’ll end up seeing things I need that I won’t remember to put on a list for someone else to buy.  And at least once a year, I do a sprint through Costco just to keep in practice and stay in the know. And also, occasionally, to pick up some needed steps inside building that is a: out of the rain or b: air-conditioned, depending on whether we’re in Washington or Arizona at the time.

As Bill and I have gotten older, our kids have started taking over some of the holiday cooking chores. Tom’s ham strata at Christmas; Jeanne T.’s salmon dip; Cindy’s taking charge of the barbecue grill for a summer hot dog feed.

She did that last year when Bill and I were trying to celebrate the Fourth of July while also sticking as close as possible to the no-carb way.  She used skewers and cooked up a batch of spiral hot dogs. I had never seen such a thing before, and I considered them a wonder and a marvel.  Even without benefit of a bun, the condiments stuck in the charred dips in the body of the hot dogs.

Let’s just say I loved them.  The next time we were going to have hot dogs, I marched into Safeway looking for those “wonderful spiral hot dogs.”  Guess what?  They were nowhere to be found.  The clerk I asked looked at me as though I had just landed on earth from another planet. You see, I had somehow missed the whole routine in the kitchen where Cindy had put the wieners on the skewers and then carefully used a paring knife to carve the spirals.

Cindy will be doing spiral hot dogs again to celebrate THIS Fourth of July. I will not be buying them at Safeway! I think that’s one of the things the kids appreciate about me—I’m always good for a laugh, usually at my own expense!

Happy Fourth of July, people, and remember, we’re the home of the free because of the brave.101

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  1. My daughter shops for me. That cuts down on impulse buying, but I also think I miss some good stuff. Now and then if I go along I see what I am missing. However, grocery shopping has never been one of my favorite things to do so I’m glad I don’t have to do it.

    Have a safe and sane holiday.

  2. Happiest of 4th weekend celebrations for you and yours, too.

    PS. What is her secret to cutting those hotdogs down? Without a method I’d be carving til Labor Day!

  3. Happy Fourth of July to you and your family. I am going to make the spiral hot dogs. I have had hot dogs without a bun for years and you are right the condiments do not stay on the hot dog so thank you for sharing.

  4. I think we mark the years by what is taken over by the next generation. Some of it we let go willingly, some fighting and screaming to hold onto. I distinctly remember in my early 40’s when my niece took over the role of family photographer (after winning a prize in the Arizona Republic annual Photo contest) . I also remember my daughters first turkey. “I didn’t know there was stuff in the other end!”
    Lefse making has been passed on to the next generation. They grew up around mexican families who made tortillas and so were very adept at rolling before trying potatoes. Last, I made a deal with my wife. “You cooked for the first 30 years, I’ll cook for the next 30.” I don’t allow her to shop at Safeway. She always screws it up.

  5. You deserve all of the shortcuts you can get! You have done a great job raising your family and you and Bill deserve the time away from the day to day time and energy wasters. Conserve your energy and enjoy the long weekend! Then, please, resume your writing.

    I appreciate all of your hard work–being creative uses a lot of energy!

    Your biggest fan!


  6. Youtube in morning, had to go look for the method. Thanks!
    This would also be good for small children since you are not supposed to let them have hot dogs or whole grapes, they can choke on them, round with smooth skin is a no no.

  7. Thanks for the laughs. I am going to tell my granddaughter about the spiral dogs. My granddaughters who host Easter and Thanksgiving are in their late 30s and have veered from the traditional in some ways but it is good. Christmas is my daughters! When my daughter was so busy at work/school and her last two were teenagers, she ordered her groceries on-line. They were delivered and the bags brought inside to the kitchen. Happy Fourth of July. With all that goes on, it is good to have a Patriotic Day! Btw, I don’t know the price of milk. I need it, I buy it!

  8. I too, am the one with the “oops” in my family, get the laughs, & am ok with that. Seeing my grandchildren smile, chuckle, giggle, & laugh is worth it!!! I hate to grocery shop now, just for me. It is so much harder to buy for one than 5. Use to have two full carts every 2-3 weeks & quick stops for milk, bread, etc. every few days in between. Such is life & I am loving it more each day!! (A long story having to do with a deathly surgical mistake by one doctor & another doctor eventually saving my life.) A very HAPPY 4th of JULY to everyone!

  9. You’re not the only one who has gone into a grocery store and asked for something that isn’t for sale, I’ve done it more than once. I touch my gray hair, say “I must have gotten it wrong”, thank the clerk then quickly walk the other way! Everyone have a safe holiday.

    • Kathy, I know what you mean. It has happened to me a couple of times. I just make a joke out of it and carry on. Thank goodness my grey hair and a confused expression have gotten me out of a few spots. The secret is to keep smiling and make a joke out of it.

  10. Workers in grocery stores should not be surprised by people asking about items. They’re either moving things or they stop carrying things all the time without any notice to the customer. I hate cooking and am not able now to stand long enough to cook much. My husband has now figured out he doesn’t want to cook either! That’s why we eat so “healthy”.
    Everyone have a safe wonderful holiday and all remember—July 4 is Eat Healthy Day, Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream. ENJOY!!!
    By the way, come to Sierra Vista (Arizona) some year for the fireworks if you can.. This year we’ll have the biggest finale in the state.

  11. Happy 4th of July to you also.
    Last October 4 , my sciatica went out I was flat for about a month. Thank goodness for Safeway deliveries.. my husband is wheelchair bound so shopping is hard for him. They were a lifesaver. You can’t ask your neighbors to shop for every week. .
    Life is funny , it can change in 8 seconds. Our daughter lives 3 states away so you must always,have a plan.
    It’s good that you have help. That does not mean that your spoiled.
    At our age we have worked hard and deserve a little help .. So enjoy your perks , keep walking and being healthy. So long as you keep your wonderful stories comming .
    Have a great family 4th of July.
    The hotdogs sounded wonderful…Jan

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