Banana Peel

I’ve heard from people this week who are saying they started walking because I’m walking.  That’s pretty amazing.  And I was walking tonight, just before dinner, in the rain.  No wind, just rain.

Today I hit a milestone in the next Ali book—Clawback.  The banana peel.  The point in the book where everything finally starts to make sense.  When the strings of story that have been eluding me start coming together.

So please forgive me for this weeks blog non-entry.  Right now it’s time for me to work on my real job.  

You’ll thank me later.

p.s. Last week I mentioned my interview with Patricia Pauley on Get Active, KKNW in Seattle.  Here’s the audio clip from that show:

Get Active with Pat Pauley – J.A. Jance on Walking

6 thoughts on “Banana Peel

  1. Nice interview. Interesting how you’ve been able to follow thru on your program of getting fit. Inspiration for the rest of us.

  2. Got interviews with you and with Kim Harrison to listen to. I will soon, but right now I can’t. This morning my daughter, my only child, died of a brain and stomach bleed-out. She had had a pretty severe stroke on Monday the 19th, but was showing signs of improvement; then out of nowhere this happened. Your kids are supposed to outlive you, dammit.

    Notice to everyone: keep track of your blood pressure, and take your meds.

  3. I wrote earlier that I started walking after the Cannon beach show. I have not felt well for about a week and really miss the walks. Darn. Liked the radio show.

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