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Writers write.  That’s what I do day in and day out. I write when a book is working. I write when a book is not working. And since this blog is about my life, it is, ipso facto, often a blog about writing.

Those of you who follow this column on a weekly basis already know that I’ve been struggling with a Book With No Name. I’m happy to report that the baby does have a name now. The novella featuring Beaumont solo is called Stand Down and the joint Walker/Beaumont book, in which Beau plays an important but lesser part than I expected, is now called Dance of the Bones.

In the world of writing there are generally two warring tribes—the outliners and the non-outliners.  I am one of the latter. If I were an outliner, perhaps I would have been able to force J.P. to cooperate more in this one, but I couldn’t, and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I also suspect that if I were an outliner, some of the magic that happens in the course of writing a book wouldn’t be there, either. In the early chapters of DOTB, I spend time introducing someone I thought would be nothing more than a bit player in the book. I believed that to be true all along, right up until I got to the end of the book when I discovered he wasn’t a bit player at all.

It’s sunny in Tucson today.  The Rodeo Parade is in full swing on South Sixth. I won’t be going. I’ll be sitting here in my chair, working on the last chapter of DOTB, tying up all those pesky loose ends. (I know from my e-mail writing fans that they do not like loose untied loose ends.

The banana peel came late to this book, but it did come. Finally.

As a consequence today’s blog entry will be, as they say, short but brief  I have to finish DOTB because I hear the sounds of an upcoming book tour rumbling on the horizon.

Writing on tour is something that CAN be done, but it is NOT recommended.

12 thoughts on “Writers Write

  1. I have been writing, as well, but about a recent experience in my life. Scrambling to get it all down and sort it out later.
    Just finished reading Remains of Innocence and felt wonderful meeting old friends in those pages. Thanks so much for “making new friends but keeping the old.” Bisbee is still a wonderful place to be!

  2. So glad you were able to settle the title issues for the books. I have written three books (a novice at best) without outlining as well…I prefer to let the words flow as the book tumbles around in my head. I have a forth started, no outline, but this one is a true life experience…if I need an outline I’m probably already at the senile stage and shouldn’t be writing…(insert hesitant chuckle). I have outline the third book of my series, and I’m rather curious myself as to how that will pan out, or whether I’ll ditch it and move forward. I recently moved back to Washington State from Colorado and in-between writing, I’m soaking up the rain…and my skin loves it.
    Anyhow, I enjoy your blog as much as your books. You are so inspiring.
    Happy weekend to you,
    CJ Vermote

  3. I truly enjoy your Bloggs on Fridays Mornings and will enjoy even a shirt one.
    I am in the process is traffic school. I promise never to speed again. This is a pure Torture. 7 hours .. I still have to take the Northern California may get some rain this weekend.. For once I am HOPING it’s true.
    Ivam looking forward to your new books this year. I have started re-reading all of then from the beginning. I find that I do love all of them Beau is my most favorite. Guess it’s the law enforcement background. Some of the same social problems .
    Really hoping you have a good book tour this year. Life is to short not to enjoy and love what you do. Best to you Jan

  4. I’ve wondered, since JP went through the glass wall and was told about the cold case group, when you would get them together. Will this be in the Walker Family series of the Beaumont series? And speaking of cross referencing … when will you tie Ali Reynolds to one of the other series? There’s already a kinship between Walker, Beaumont and Brady. FYI, I took my time getting to the Walker series. Didn’t think I would like it after reading the description on you web site … but ………………… Keep writing. I’m waiting for the next installment.

  5. As usual, very well written. I can hardly wait to own & read both books. Perhaps I will be fortunate to meet you on one of your book tours soon.

  6. Just a small correction. The rodeo parade was yesterday. We didn’t go either. Enjoy your blogs and your books. Keep writing.

  7. That darn JP…..lol
    I miss Tucson and the parade. I went every year that I lived there.
    Going to try to head for Seattle this week to hear a friend speak at a conference. Hoping I have better luck getting there this time.
    Just signed up for your appearence in Napa in Marched since I am not too far. Am determined to met you face to face especially since I missed you in Everett.
    Best regards,

  8. I got your latest mailing/newsletter where you mentioned your upcoming tour. From listening to the interview you did for the Arizona Alumni Association I know you enjoy meeting your readers almost as much, or even more, than writing.

    You may have mentioned this before, but I forget. When was the first book tour you did? It seems a relatively new thing for an author to do. I think book publishers did the publicity themselves in the old days. I wonder who was the first author sent out. I know there are a few who refuse to make public appearances, but most do.

    • My first book tour was for Until Proven Guilty in 1985. It was set up by my agent and paid for out of our own funds. Publishers didn’t and still generally don’t do tours for original paperbacks. I have no idea who went out on the first book tour, but it was probably far more strenuous than mine.

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