iBooks and Second Watch

I’m posting a reply to one of my readers, who found that their copy of Second Watch from iBooks was not as expected.  Mistakes happen.  Not correcting the mistakes when you are able to, is a problem.

I’ve known for several days that there has been a problem with the iTunes download of Second Watch because two of my readers let me know and I IMMEDIATELY contacted New York.  As of yesterday, I was told that the problem was corrected and both of them had successfully downloaded Second Watch after DELETING the first damaged copy.  This is an Apple problem and I’m terribly sorry it happened.

 Please try this.  If it doesn’t work, let me know.



One thought on “iBooks and Second Watch

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It brought back my memories of the boys from Willcox, Az who went to Vietnam and did not return. One was my older brother’s best friend. I have enjoyed your books for years now. I only started reading them when I learned you were from Bisbee….another Cochise County “girl”.

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