Time to Party

The maple tree in our back deck.

A bright spot.

On this drippy November day, the single bright spot from my writing chair is the two glowing Japanese maples on the back patio.  If I’d had a brain, I would have photographed them yesterday when the afternoon sun showed them off in brilliant red splendor.  Since this is a: November and b: Seattle, I doubt I’ll have another sunny shot at them later today, but I can always hope.

Sometime earlier this week, my husband said something about not remembering exactly what was up with the holidays last year.  It seemed they had passed both of us by in something of a blur, but then we remembered.  When we came home from Tucson about this time last year, it was to the 186,000 gallon flood that threw our lives and holidays into a complete tailspin.  Yes, we made it through, but 2012’s is not one of those holiday seasons that would qualify as a peak experience.

So here we are on the cusp of the holidays again.  There are no worker bees coming in and out of the house.  I’m not working with the sound of the Sawzall ringing in my ear.  The entertainment system that crashed and burned and had to be replaced about this time two years ago is working perfectly.  In other words, we have a LOT to be thankful for, including good health.

This year’s holiday season will kick off on Sunday, and the people who read this blog and the faithful readers of my books are entirely responsible for that special occasion!

At four thirty on Sunday we’ll all be gathering at a John Howie restaurant to celebrate the fact that this summer’s book made it to # 7 on the New York Times list.  Yes, when Grandma’s book hits the list, Grandpa throws a party!  Most of the kids and half the grandkids will be in attendance as will Bonnie Abney.  Those of you who have read Second Watch know about Bonnie and Doug Davis, the fiancé she lost to the Vietnam War.  If you came to one of the events on the tour, you know how much Bonnie’s heartfelt sharing of that story brought to both the book and the book tour experience.

As is only fitting, Bonnie will be at the NYTimes celebration, and Doug Davis will be there, too.  Bonnie will be bringing along a copy of the portrait of Doug that Michael G. Reagan of the Fallen Heroes Project created for her.  That portrait accompanied us all over the country on the book tour.  On Sunday evening it will grace the room where we’ll be celebrating the book that made Doug Davis and his story a household word in our home and in the homes of many of my readers.  I continue to be amazed and humbled by the people who write to me about Second Watch, telling me how much the Doug Davis/Lenny D story resonated for them.

The only members of the book tour team who will be missing from the John Howie extravaganza will be our Bella and Bonnie’s Crackerjack.  They’ll be at our home being properly looked after by a dog sitter.

Yes, it’ll be a great party.  Bill will be paying the freight, but all of you who bought Second Watch early and often will be there in spirit.  I expect next week’s blog will contain photos of same.

Thank you one and all.


P.S.   Bonnie and I will be at the Whidbey Island AAUW fundraiser December 3, so if you missed the tour, just go to my website for ticket and other details.   We hope you can make it.   If you are an active duty serviceman or woman in uniform, complimentary tickets will be available at the door.  www.jajance.com