Only So Much Energy

Today’s blog entry will be short but brief.  It’s Camp Grandma at our house this week. Grandpa and Colt are currently in the kitchen working on a rhubarb pie. We had a garden club visit last weekend, and I didn’t want to cut the rhubarb until after that was over. A little later we’ll be cooking garlic chicken for dinner. A trip to a book store, a crack at bowling, and probably a movie are also in the offing.

In between I will be writing. And walking.

In more than thirty years of writing, I’ve learned that the first 20% of any given book is generally the toughest part to write. I’m at least beyond THAT benchmark on the next Ali book, but I need to be a long way further down the road.  I’ve also learned that there’s only so much creative energy available at any one time. And so today’s creative energy will be pointed in that direction rather than focused on the blog.

Because here’s the bottom line. If I don’t write the books, there won’t be a reason to write the blogs.

Wish me luck.

13 thoughts on “Only So Much Energy

  1. Oh, I disagree. Even if you stop writing the books, your life is full of things to write about in a blog. I would imagine at one point you might decide to retire and rest on your laurels. We’ll still want to know what you are doing.

  2. I wish you great luck! Again A gentle nudge in the right direction of life. Priorities!

  3. Garlic chicken! That’s what I get for reading your blog while hungry. Now I’m off to look up a recipe for garlic chicken.
    I hope you have a splendid time with your grandchildren this week. My husband and I don’t have any yet, so we borrow small children from relatives and friends. It will be delightful to cook with little ones again.
    Happy writing! I’m working on my own cozy mystery this summer, and your comment at a reading in Puyallup was very helpful to me in getting through the first draft: “I start with someone dead, and I keep writing until I know who did it.”

  4. Just got our first grand baby today—a boy. Arrived 5 wks. Early. We’re in our 70s and had given up on grandkids. Thank goodness our son found a great girl and look what happened!

  5. Even without new books, I would continue to read your blog! I enjoy anything you write. I am truly addicted to your writing! I am anxiously awaiting the release of Random Acts and Downfall. Time with grandchildren always seems too short so enjoy them while you have them with you. So much of the time they “outgrow” you and no longer want to visit.

  6. I just finished a wonderful gramma kamp on my farm with my 2 grandkids and my son. We also did visits to the High Desert Museum, WWII airplane museum, 2 trips to the swimming pool and crafts, bubbles and planting flowers for my 93 yr old neighbor. We even made a fairy garden and pirate fort under the trees in my yard. I hope they remember this time for the rest of their lives. I know I will remember it. But…I wasn’t writing a book and doing 10000 steps.

  7. I just discovered your blog, and have enjoyed the few posts I’ve read. I love your books–so glad you have another one in the works! I’m glad you have a grandson to enjoy!

  8. I am looking forward to the next Ali book (Man Overboard?). May your energy flow and your muse inspire!

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