Short but Sweet

Ten good things about being home.

  1. My own chair.  Having survived hotel rooms with no chairs other than “ergonomically designed” desk chairs, I can tell you that having a real chair to sit in is a blessing.
  1. My own bed.  That way, when I open my eyes, I know where the bathroom is.  And I can count on the bathroom and bedroom being on the same level.  I still have a bruise on my wrist from a hotel in Arizona where that wasn’t the case.  I didn’t fall, but only because I was able to catch myself.
  1. My husband.  29.8 years and counting, and I still love him.  He’s my pal.  He’s my friend.  He runs the clicker and has upgraded my computer, iPhone and iPad since I came back home.  There are some real advantages to being married to a retired double E.  Having to run strange and mostly non-working clickers on my own on the road is not fun.
  1. Coffee whenever I want it.  My kind of coffee.  Made at my preferred strength.
  1. Puppies.  Jojo is currently resting on my shoulders while I type.  There is nothing like having an eight pound puppy as a neck warmer.
  1. Jammies and Robe at all hours.  I remain a staunch and founding member of the Pajamas Media.
  1. Readjusting to a pace that doesn’t include traveling and one or more speaking events a day.  Tours are fun, but they’re also brutal.  I’m glad to step off that band wagon until the next time.
  1. Getting back to walking.
  1. Getting back to training.
  1. Getting back to writing.

And speaking of which, it’s time.

10 thoughts on “Short but Sweet

  1. Enjoy your time home you deserve it. I never realized what a successful writer goes thru after you write the book.
    I have a love/ hate relationship with hotels, I love to go and stay but am not comfortable until I am home in MY CHAIR. We tried the motor home route but that,was a waste as I have to,bring the kitchen with me.
    Rest and enjoy all your time . Remember There is no place like home… Jan

  2. I used to think my mom was a bit silly when she would say I like to sleep in my own bed. One day I realized that was now me!

    Enjoy your rest and steps in the beautiful garden. Glad your son was able to accompany you. Sounds as though, all in all, it was a very successful trip.

  3. Those E’s are pretty spiffy. I’m almost 10 years into my 2nd marriage & he’s a PE (petroleum). He’s got a brilliant mind, a knack for woodwork, a mind for math & the sweetest heart. (Of course, he can’t spell or talk to strangers, that’s where I come in! Opposites attract & balance makes life nice!)

  4. Bless your heart, I know what you mean. I was privileged to be my dad’s traveling companion for a few years. That was via a pickup truck towing a 30-foot, 5th-wheel trailer, a rolling 1-bedroom apartment. He got the bedroom, I got the divan, which meant that I made up and unmade my bed every night and morning. But the bathroom was in the same place every night, and the kitchen/galley had our food, our coffee, etc. And the living room was furnished with TWO upholstered swivel rocking chairs, just my compact size!

  5. Home is where it’s at! And my critters are there to love me. PJs all day are pretty awesome too. Welcome home!

  6. I haven’t traveled in a long time, but when I did the first thing I did was unpack my suitcase. Then fix a drink and go thru the mail.

    I was always surprised to realize that my house isn’t as large as it seems when I am here every day to take care it. After a good night’s rest it didn’t take me long to feel at home again.

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