Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day

It’s the day after Christmas.  I’m on Grandma duty.  Colt is having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch which he can have at Grandma’s but not at school where peanut butter is verboten.

Our pre-Christmas festivities meant that Christmas itself was a day for quiet reflection and an evening of watch the new season of Doc Martin on DVD.  (Thank you, Grandpa.)

In other words, it’s a quiet day in the blogging world.  I’m going to read Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling to him and then, I believe, it’s time to go see Walking with Dinosaurs.

And so, Happy Boxing Day to all my UK, Canada, and Australian readers.

One thought on “Happy Boxing Day

  1. Is that beautiful arrangement on your dining room table? I enlarged the photo to get a better look. It’s very festive. I love decorating for Christmas don’t you?

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